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The Year in Review: Kelly Rowland’s Mole

Photos: Kelly Rowland's Migrating Mole, brought to you by Claire Cisotti of the Daily Mail

How did I not know that Kelly Rowland is a judge on the British version of The X Factor? This information totally slipped under my radar. I’m sorry, you guys. I’m a failure. (I did know about her one-woman Destiny’s Child medley, though! She performed it last week. She was not wearing pants.)

Anyway, the Daily Mail has finally published its best-researched, most hard-hitting pictorial to date: on television, from week to week, Kelly Rowland’s “mole” has been, uh, relocating itself. It also apparently changes shape and size. Yikes! She should get that checked out! Ha, ha.

I can definitely see how this “wandering beauty mark” might be distracting to viewers. Of course, I can also see using Rowland’s mole as the basis for a drinking game—but then, that’s why I don’t teach high school anymore.

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  • She also has the biggest fights with Tulisa Contostavlos, another judge on the show, who accused Kelly’s contestants of bullying her contestants. And Kelly also told judge Louis Walsh he wasn’t allowed to use the word “swagger”. Despite all her efforts, the X Factor ratings are in free fall.

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