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This Is What Holly Madison Looks Like In A Bikini After Giving Birth

holly madison post baby bikini body

Holly Madison, former Playboy bunny, gave birth to her daughter Rainbow Aurora just 6 weeks ago and is back posing in a bikini. She posed exclusively for Life & Style and Eonline has some details about how much she gained and lost:

Madison recently revealed she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy (7 of which belonged to her little one!), and we’ve been watching the star rapidly slim down since welcoming daughter Rainbow Aurora with beau Pasquale Rotella on March 5.

[Madison] was “surprised” by how much weight she gained but says she now feels “good” in a bikini.

Despite her bangin’ bod, Holly says she has 10 pounds to go, but admits she’s in no rush to shed the last of her baby weight.

“Who cares if I still need to lose 10 pounds?” the former Girls Next Door star tells the mag. “I’ve been really healthy and done the best I could. I’m really proud of how I look right now!”

Apparently all she did to get back to her former weight was “good old-fashioned diet and exercise.” Crazy! She also ate her placenta in true January Jones fashion, like a champ.

I guess now Ms. Madison can get back to…whatever it is she does. I don’t understand though how actresses look so amazing so quickly after giving birth. Photo shoots are gonna use photo shop, that’s a given, but then you see candids of them on the beach and you’re like, I’ve never had a kid and I am in worse shape than they are 2 weeks after having theirs. Like Jessica Alba and her magic girdle trained body. So unfair.

holly madison bikinis

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  • They didn’t do a very good job of ‘shopping her. In the first pic, you can see what’s left of her gut (yes, I’ve had kids & I’m calling it a gut) & cellulite on her thigh. In the lower set, her hip and leg look altered in the center image. The stomach on the far right looks strange. I understand wanting to show “I got my body back – and you can too!” But what I DON’T get is the insane need to prove something IMMEDIATELY after giving birth. That’s just not natural, at 4 or 6 weeks you body is still healing. If it took 9 months to get that way, how can anyone believe that it could be undone overnight?

    • I understand you’ve had kids and feel you have the right to an opinion, which you do, we all do. But there’s no need to be judgmental about it. So what if some women want to prove something, so what if they want to flaunt their body with pride, and so what if they want to shed the weight quickly! It’s their right, their body, and their prerogative. Also as a fellow woman and mother, why would you point out her “gut” and cellulite? She’s not perfect, none of us are but she’s trying. Some people make a living with their looks and their body. It’s their lively hood so getting back to work is a priority in order to take care of their family. I’m not trying to come off opinionated or rude, but you being a woman and a mom should be more understanding and less capricious. I would go as far as to say you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m tired of people tearing one another apart and feeling like they have the right to judge in a humiliating and inhumane manner.

      • I’m being neither inhumane nor humiliating. I point out the flaws because she is half-way airbrushed in a magazine creating an entirely unrealistic image for women living in post-partum bodies. I think images like this make normal women feel bad about themselves, and that sucks – because what she is putting out there is altered and not even real to begin with. Being half-naked in a magazine, you give license to criticism. I wasn’t saying anything humiliating when my point is that these photos aren’t true to begin with and perpetuate a virtually unattainable ideal. Sure, lets stick together as moms! But, to me, that is more about owning that our bodies have done something incredible and traumatic. At 6 weeks, you’ve either just barely been released by your doctor if you deliver vaginally or are just barely ready to be medically cleared after a cesarean. That’s real. Admitting you’re human. That’s real. I have my pre-baby body in less than two months!! Not real.