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Keira Knightley Totally Recycled Her Wedding Dress

Keira Knightley got married yesterday and we all rejoiced, all 7 of us. Hey, I kid! Really, I adore her and I was particularly smitten with her wedding dress. SO fresh, so breezy so effortless. While it was reported to be custom made Chanel it looks as though maybe it was actually a dress she had already worn in 2008. See for yourself:

keira knightley chanel dress wedding old recycled

WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE TO DO, but I’m sort of lolling inside because it’s like, she really doesn’t give an eff, she’s going to wear a f-cking awesome dress no matter what. Who cares if it’s not a wedding dress or if she’s already worn it 5 years ago? It’s a great dress! Pretty sure we’re not going to see Jennifer Aniston doing that shit.

BIG thanks to The Daily Mail for pointing this out. And of course they would.

This doesn’t change my opinion of the dress AT ALL. What about you? Do you think it’s tacky or strange that she recycled a dress to use for her wedding?

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  • A big so what to the Daily Mail for having to point out the recycling. Nice wedding dress.

  • I really love her dress. With her figure she could have worn anything and it would have looked great on her but she went with a cute low-key dress instead. A bride has to feel comfortable on her wedding day and she seemingly did, so what if she wore something similar before? She obviously likes the style.

  • Guess I’m the only one who feels like it’s a bit of a cheap thing to do then…
    I guess for most women though, their wedding dress is the most expensive and beautiful dress they’ll ever wear. Celebs wear expensive stuff all the time – it must get old.

  • I do not mind the recycling of a dress–it’s your wedding, you wear whatever you want and people take weddings too seriously anyway. It’s the marriage, not the day.

    I just don’t particularly like it as a dress in the first place. It looks very saran-wrappy to me. But again, she looked like she was really enjoying herself and it’s her wedding. You do you, Keira.

  • i bet you it a different dress but is new replicated of old dress for wedding. she have money for it to copy and be new for wedding.

  • It’s awesome, and so very British of her. She seems incredibly grounded and happy in herself. Congratulations Keira.

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