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Rihanna Bullied Someone On The Internet

rihanna selfie

Rihanna lost her damn mind. Someone on the Internet didn’t like her and so Rihanna took her photo and compared her to a goat. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!


Rihanna has lashed out at an Instagram user for posting a derogatory remark about her family.

The ‘Stay’ singer uploaded an image containing a picture of a goat and the user asking her followers to ‘spot the difference’.

Instagram user ms_kasharna1 responded to a picture of Rihanna and one of her relatives with”I swear everyone in Rihanna’s family looks like they’re retarded… Must be the drugs and alcohol!

Rihanna responded by uploading a new picture on her own Instagram account of a picture taken from ms_kasharna1’s profile alongside a goat. The picture was also posted on her Twitter feed, which is nearing 29.5 million followers.

ms_kasharna1 has since deleted all of her photos from her Instagram account, though her Twitter profile also sees her previously attacking the Bajan star.

One tweet reads: “Rihanna looks so dirty!!! Like she hasn’t showered in days!”, with another saying: “@Chrisbrown would just punch @rihanna in the face again”.

Rihanna, was this person on the Internet a kind person? No. Her statements were mean, stupid, and of eye-rollingly 6th grade caliber. We all agree on this. Which is all the more reason why it makes NO F-CKING SENSE for you to respond. For so many reasons. You must be aware that thousands of people diss on you at all the time, right? So why this chick? Did you snap? Do you know her? Do you know someone who knows someone who knows her?

Even if you did, it’s still a shitty thing to do. RISE ABOVE, YOU ASSHOLE.

Anyway here’s the photo Miss Riri posted, and I’m conflicted about posting it because I don’t want to make this poor random girl’s life even worse, but you’re going to see it on the Internet somewhere regardless, so here it is.

rihanna sucks

Good job, Rihanna. Hope this makes you feel great about yourself. At least when you were fighting with Ciara you were picking on someone your own size.

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  • That goat has weird eyes.
    And insulting her is one thing, insulting her family another. It surely wasn’t the wisest thing she ever did but I kinda understand her here.

  • Man, I’d take insults against me any day, but insult my family and you’ll regret it. Like, Rihanna didn’t answer when the girl said she wished Chris Brown would punch her again, she only answered when she insulted her family, soo…

  • This girl looks more like Biz Markee, which I don’t really think is an insult cause he’s pretty funny. But, then again, I guess I also think this girl is pretty funny (except for the punching comment, which is maybe over the line) She could have put it in a funny joke, like “Nothing beats a pretty girl with a beautiful voice except Chris Brown”

  • Oops! That #gal went way too far! #damn, tis one thing to joke/insult sm, tis another to call someone’s family #retarded and even going to the length of talking abt another #Abuse! She deserved whatever Riri dished her! She gotta wash her mouth with soap. I used to #dislike Breezy for what he did, but then, the injured party forgave him! Who am I to judge or call names?! Some ppl are just damn too ill-mannered!

  • If I were that girl I would just tell Rihanna that, since she’s so into trying to associate unrelated pictures, to go post a Picture of her latest album alongside yesterday’s newspaper and see if she can find any resemblance.

  • She did not BULLY anyone. That girl should have never mentioned RiRi’s family because they are not in the public eyes.

    She got what she deserved. I hope she is embarrASSed.

  • GTHOH Bullied???? F’ that! Because she is a public figure she can’t react to mean haters???? F’ that Rihanna is human and that’s that. U F’ with someone and Karma will find you ! This “poor girl” yeah freaking right gtfoh!! That poor girl started a damn fight and got beat. Rihanna defends herself and she is wrong? Man please! This entire post is ridiculous and the author … Well u already know what I think of you. Celebrity hate 101. FOH!

  • This is so dumb and biased. What this girl wrote about Rihanna and her family was horrible, Rihanna has every right to respond, she is a human being after all. Just because she’s in the entertainment industry, people should be allowed to insult her and her family and Rihanna should just accept it? “the poor girl” should of just kept her fat ugly mouth closed, if she hadn’t of been a disgustingly disrespectful bitch in the first place this never would of happend to her. The author of this is retarded beyond words.

  • Why should this “poor random girl” be able to say such horrific things about Rhianna, and Rhianna is unable to retaliate???

  • It’s amusing to see a famous person “reacting” and “fighting back”. I wonder if the trigger person is even real. This would be a super fun game for internet trolls with too much time on their hands to play, wouldn’t it? It would be fun to try to trigger a big name celebrity into a twitter war. I thought the celebrities were hip to that and didn’t fight trolls – and then there’s Rihanna! LOL. Thanks, RiRi.

    • Most celebs BUY Twitter followers, right? This isn’t right. It’s like picking on the mentally retarded except that celebs are retarded in a narcissistic, short sighted way that includes delusions of grandeur and stacks of cash. Oh Dear.

  • So done with Rihanna time to put her on my ‘not worth the comment list’ anyone wanting to join in please feel free from here on out no more comments about Rihanna.

  • Why is Rihanna “the bully” here? I say Good on ya Rihanna. If this ass clown bitch can dish it out she sure as hell better be ready to take it. The only thing I see wrong with what Rihanna did was she took a pic of the wrong end of that mule

  • Let me be clear… Your comment “RISE ABOVE, YOU ASSHOLE”, is directed to Rihanna??? How inappropriate on your behalf if it is writer!!!

    It’s never okay to call anyone retarded but for doing so the goat got what she deserved>>>DON’T F with RiRi!!! lol

    #seriously, hope the insults are all done with!

  • That’s what the bell that girl gets lol….I’m sure there are plenty of ppl who will disagree but it’s my opinion & I’m entitled to it. I go on Rihanna ‘s IG page quite often & I see ppl CONSTANTLY bashing her & calling her a drug addict & talking about how Chris assaulted her so I don’t think she was wrong at all. She’s only human & I’m sure she gets sick of hearing /seeing all the criticism & disrespect. She snapped. Oh well, shit happens. Ol’ girl should’ve kept her mouth shut & she wouldn’t be publicly humiliated like this by being compared to a goat!! Lol!!

  • Damn, Rhianna looks ugly without make-up, but the girl on the left is alright!!!!!!!!

  • Hell, doesn’t Rhianna know young guys with a long skinny penis are a dime a dozen (translation for Rhianna and Chris Brown..worth less than a penny a piece). all you would have to do is paint his penis silver and twist it on the end and just call him kick-stand. I hope someone told him that did not look impressive. Oh, what an inflated ego does to simple minds…..obvious makes things look bigger in the mirror than they truly are or thicker.

  • Interpretation number two to Chris Brown…You are hung like a skinny white boy….I am a fat white boy so I can get away with this comment.

  • Why the hell is everyone defending Rihanna? Granted, the girl wasn’t nice herself, considering she mentioned her family and Chris Brown. But the comment about the drugs and alcohol was perfectly acceptable in my opinion. People are shocked because they don’t expect this kind of thing from such a good “role model” like Rihanna. Which she is not. Drugs are bad. Alcohol is bad. The majority of her sales come from her choices of attire and her lyrics, with her older songs actually being pretty decent, but her newer ones are just “ass tits ass tits ass tits”, essentially. This girl is not the society-definition of pretty but who’s fault is that? Society. The same society who think shaving half of their hair is stylish and smoking weed is cool.