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Keira Knightley Had A Cute And Causual Hipsteresque Wedding


Keira Knightley is married! She and musician James Righton were married today in the south of France (technically the southeastern region). It was a casual, cute, and vaguely hipsterish affair. I throw hipster in there because of the groom’s skinny tie, her daisy crown, and their matching Rayban sunglasses, and if you think I’m using the word inaccurately, you are probably a hipster. I’m not making fun of her; I love the idea of a stylish but casual wedding. Except apparently it was so casual that, “some of the 11 guests were wearing flip flops [at the ceremony]” according to The Telegraph. Ew and God no. Why the hell would you wear flip flops to a wedding? That is tacky and godawful. MAYBE after the ceremony and at the reception, after hours of dancing. I’ve seen couples who provide buckets of flip flops for guests with sore feet. That’s kind of cute. But to show up IN flip flops? Go back to Hollister. Oh God and they’re also reporting that “Others wore jeans.” To quote Elaine Benes, “GET. OUT.”

People Magazine (of course) has more details about their ceremony and reception:

The actress, 28, tied the knot with her fiancé of one year, James Righton, in an intimate ceremony at the town hall in Mazan, a small village in Provence, on Saturday.

“It was not a long service,” one witness tells PEOPLE, “and very few people.” The ceremony was performed by the village mayor and “occurred just before noon and lasted only about 30 minutes. Keira looked beautiful. She wore a very pretty, very elegant dress.”

Knightley’s choice for her big day? A strapless tulle dress that came to her knees and a classic Chanel jacket. She skipped into the ceremony in nude flats and her hair down, crowned with daisies.

Thirty to 50 guests are reportedly invited to attend an afternoon garden luncheon and an evening party at which Righton’s band, The Klaxons, are expected to perform. Guests are staying at the Chateau de Mazan, a four-star hotel in the village of 6,000. The wedding ceremony and party are being held in Mazan where Knightley has owned a small wine-growing farm since 2010. A reception tent was spotted there on Friday, and the couple smooched in the airport when Righton arrived earlier in the week.

It sounds perfect. A smallish wedding in a vineyard. And I LOVE her dress. Here are some more photos. Flip flops and jeans abound. If you’re looking for a Cape Cod wedding photography company, you may contact Kelly Dillon Photography.