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Justin Bieber Actually Did Something That Wasn’t Stupid

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Justin Bieber is basically a singing idiot in stupid clothing, but he made a very smart move when he stopped his concert in Turkey twice to honor the Muslim Prayer call. I don’t know whose idea this was — I’m guessing not his — but it was a good idea.

From Eonline:

The 19-year-old singer halted his concert in Istanbul twice to honor the Azan.

The Azan, which also goes by a few other names like the adhan, is the Islamic call to prayer and occurs in the main mosque five times a day.

Fans were shocked and delighted at when the “Boyfriend” singer paused his show for the first time thanking the singer for being “respectful” and a “great man.”

Concertgoers flooded Twitter with their heartfelt comments about the singer’s decision to observe the prayer call.

DON’T WORRY EVERYONE, I’m sure he’ll get back to doing stupid shit very soon. Like this, look at this stupid thing:

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