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Holly Madison Had Baby And Will Eat Placenta

holly madison pregnant

Holly Madison AKA Hollin Sue Cullen of The Girls Next Door and not much else, gave birth yesterday. The baby girl weighs 7 pounds, 2 ounces and is healthy. She and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella (party promoter and CEO of “Insomniac Events”) are delighted.

From The Huffington Post,

“Pasquale and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl!” Madison tells In Touch. “We haven’t yet decided on a name for her but we couldn’t be any more overjoyed than at this moment.”

“I’ve never been more in love than I am today as, after months of waiting, I finally was able to hold my daughter for the first time,” Rotella, 38, adds. “Holly and I are looking forward to spending some quiet time with our baby and enjoying our new family. I’m truly the luckiest man in the world.”

And, following in January Jones’ footsteps, Ms. Madison plans to consume her own placenta.

I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!

Is there any actual scientific proof of this? Because I heard it doesn’t do anything. Anyone here nommed on their own placenta and want to let us know?

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  • Scientific proof is over rated due to vested interests in the profits made by big pharma or some big biz – so, why not eat placenta if you can stomach it? (Ugh!!! Makes me feel ill to think about it.)

  • No, Catherine, I did not.

    Don’t these same celebrities wash their faces with their own pee to stay younger looking? I have not done this either. I look and feel just fine.

  • A question! ;)

    Although not that fun.

    A placinta, as you might’ve guessed, is pretty much the same as other flesh. It contains waste products from the baby and a good bit of blood.

    I can’t imagine it would hurt or help you other than nutrition.

    In older times, women didn’t get much food, so eating a placinta would’ve been thought of as less wasteful.

    My argument would be against eating it, but it wouldn’t hurt you and doesn’t contain anything materially cool.

    However, the above doesn’t include any supernatural or faith based input. Those could easily change the equation.

    I do find it interesting that US customs are so against consuming human flesh except a placinta.

    I also find it very homeric greek, since the placinta is the child’s flesh. (Genetically) A number of Greek Mythological figures ate their children, in case that was fuzzy.

  • I just can’t imagine Holly getting past the “ick-factor.” Seriously, she just looks like a chick who always says “ewwww…..” I’ve heard of human placenta being dried and consumed in China, but the only other rituals Im aware of is to bury it, Ive seen people freeze it for a year and will bury it while planting a tree. On the other hand, I’m sure its full of protein and b vitamins…

  • I don’t understand the big deal with eating placentas. It’s as if sanctimommies do it just so they can look down their nose as be all “ DIDN’T eat yours?!” Why not just suck your tampons dry while you’re on your rag? That blood, I’m sure, has plenty of vitamins and stuff.

    I’d rather just take a B vitamin complex supplement than chomp on a big mass of goo.

      • As I wait for Chaz’ reply to be approvipated, I second what he said.

        Dark beer = good.

      • Dark beer = great! Beer has been used as a nutritional food source for centuries….. Three cheers for fermenting yeast… HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH

      • Especially Guinness!! Packed full of iron and I heard they give it to pregnant women in ireland! Not sure if that’s true but I can see them doing that since t does contain a lot of iron!

  • There are companies that process and turn placenta into pills, so it’s more like taking a vitamin than eating flesh. Never interested me, but I’ve heard women talk about possible benefits like less chance of postpartum depression and increased milk supply. Who knows.

  • There are animals that eat their placenta to re-absorb the nutrients in the placenta and that’s the concept behind women doing it . the most common method is through it being compounded into pills. What should gross you out are the celebrities that get placenta facials.

  • I generally believe that if my body kicks something out, it’s for a reason and it shouldn’t go back into my body. Boogers, poop, urine, placenta. With a modern diet, there shouldn’t be any need to ingest any potential nutrients. My thoughts anyway. I guess if placenta eating makes you happy, chomp away but… I couldn’t get past the ew factor.

  • I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than taking pig or cow placenta supplements(all the rage here in Japan)…But just because you CAN, doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD…Ugh…

    • For got to add: Eating the placenta is what (used) to separate us from the animals…I can’t help but think that this is a step backwards in our evolution…