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Uh, Okay: Jessica Alba Wore a Corset To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

jessica alba

Listen, I know celebrities do crazy shit all the time, but it constantly blows my mindgrapes when they admits to it publicly like it’s totally normal. Case in point: Jessica Alba now says that she wore a corset – yes, that Victorian binding apparatus which caused both physical discomfort and physiological damage – for THREE MONTHS after giving birth in order to lose weight. Technically it was a “double girdle”, but same shit. Earth to Jessica Alba: not only is that not healthy, but it’s also not how weight loss works. Christ almighty.

From Net-A-Porter:

It’s almost time to go, a sofa date beckoning for Alba and Warren but, before I leave, as an expectant mother I have to ask how she got her toned body back so quickly after two births. The secret, it turns out, is a girdle. Two, in fact. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone,” she qualifies. “I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.”

Uh… I’m speechless on this one. Can a corset/girdle/whatever hold you in? Hell yeah, I love my Spanx and would wear them daily if I could/wasn’t lazy. But it doesn’t make weight evaporate from your body. She’s admitted to wearing one before in order to keep the skin from sagging after giving birth, so I’m down with that, but she’s also admitted to starving herself and working out like a maniac, so let’s not go there.

You know where I will go, though? To Chipotle for lunch, because I want a burrito.

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  • It may not magically make weight melt off your body, but wearing a tight corset sure makes it difficult to eat much! Maybe that’s why it worked for her…

    • Harriet, my gray pubed friend! Whats shakin? How’s the sunrise on Chautauqua and the flatirons this morning?

      • OMG, it is BEAUTIFUL today! We’ve had tons of random snow for the last couple of months, and today it is sunny and warm and beautiful, but the mountains are still covered in snow. Seriously, it couldn’t BE more gorgeous… How are you?

      • All is well, rugby season going full bore…. Trying to keep up with the kids! Miss Colorado though….


    It’s a real trend, ladies! I was reading reviews on Amazon. Many women swear by them. I had to find out what the hype was since this makes very little sense……maybe there’s something to it.

  • Well I guess if we ask people to stop saying stupid things people like Jessica would never have anything to say.

  • A lot of that “sweatiness” is not melting pounds of fat, it’s water evaporation. But I have heard that binding an area of the body pretty tightly like that for a long time will shrink your body mass because it almost entirely immobilizes that constricted area…and if you don’t use it, you lose it.

  • Not gonna lie, I’d seriously consider wearing one. Maybe not as much as she did, but hey…there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look good. So long I was able to take care of my kid and still take in a sufficient amount of calories, I would honestly consider it.

    Besides, (not that she’s a real working actress anymore), but as a celebrity, you do have to consider that an investment in your looks is an investment in your career. Sure, everyone can say that isn’t fair and it shouldn’t be that way, but it is and we all know it.

  • But that could never make you lose weight. Unless you’re in pain and won’t eat as much. Losing weight is about calories burned versus calories taken in. Corsets and spanx are only visual tools. No clothing piece aids in weight loss.

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  • I know corset could change your figure but I don’t know that they could make you weigh less… And is it even healthy to wear one after giving birth or something? Maybe she had the wrong info or got to a blog that spoke the wrong words or something. Well, it’s her body though. We can’t say stop, maybe just tell her the effects of what would happen if she continued.