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Macaulay Culkin Tried To Hookup With Ex Mila Kunis; Did Not Go As Planned

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Macaulay Culkin slithers in and out of the spotlight, mostly for not being dead and for looking either really ill or surprisingly hot. Now he’s being talked about for (allegedly) trying to hookup with his ex, Mila Kunis, despite the fact that she’s dating Ashton Kutcher. The National Enquirer says that this is what happened:

“Mac made a play for Mila, but she blew him off,” revealed an insider. “After she spurned his advances, he went ber­serk.

The former “Home Alone” star, 32, reached out to the “Ted” cutie, 29, while they were both in England recently, sources say.

“Mac was desperate to hook hook up with Mila, and he saw this as his big chance,” explained the insider.

Mila was in England making a movie called “Jupiter Ascend­ing,” and Ashton had yet to join her. “Mac thought it was a great opportunity until Mila deep-sixed the idea,” continued the insider. “Now Mac’s friends fear that he’s so devastated he could wind up in another life-or-death situation.”

Mila’s brush-off boiled over when Culkin left a nightclub in Brighton, a seaside town in southeast England, in the early hours of April 16.

Reports say he lunged at a photographer as he walked over to a van, screaming at the shutterbug and telling him to “go to hell.”

The “Richie Rich” star was in England to join the tour of his buddy Adam Green and his band “The Moldy Peaches.” But he hardly looked like a star. During a stop in east London, one fellow clubgoer actually thought Culkin was homeless.

“We chatted for about five minutes and he said he was here visiting friends,” recalled student Marley Spindler, who met Culkin outside the Village Underground, a multipurpose events warehouse for concerts and nightclubs.

“He was vacant, speaking very quietly and mellow. He looked spaced out. I didn’t recognize him at first. I thought he was some homeless guy scrounging a smoke.”

Dude if Mila Kunis broke up with me I’d be depressed too.

How long do you think it will be before we have a Macaulay Culkin reality TV show? It’s pretty well known that he needs the cash. I’d watch. Unless it got too sad. It might be too sad.

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