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Is Sean Lowe Being A Jerk On Dancing With The Stars?

bachelor sean lowe dancing with the stars

Sean Lowe, AKA Bachelor Biceps, is apparently the resident “diva” on Dancing with the Stars. He joined the season 16 cast along with Andy Dick and Wynona Judd. Wow, if you’re being gossiped about as the diva one instead of Andy Dick, you must REALLY be annoying. Gotta say though, I’m rooting for Andy Dick. I haven’t seen such remorse and sorrow on reality TV like that since…well, ever.

Sources close to “DWTS” tell TMZ … ever since filming began, Sean has caught a baaaad case of DIVA-itis … demanding to be shot from certain camera angles, talking down to crew members, acting like a brat and bragging to other cast members, “This show NEEDS me.”

We’re told Sean’s ego has gotten so big … he now considers himself a brand and must “market accordingly”.

As for other cast members … we’re told they’ve already started brainstorming nicknames for the reality star in light of his behavior — like Princess Sean — but have yet to find just the right one.

This doesn’t seem like Bachelor Biceps behavior, because I really can’t see him caring this much. Although he did get an intense look on his face when the judges started critiquing him for a stompity stompity stompish dance to ballroom classic Huey Lewis and The News’ Power of Love.

sean lowe diva dancing with the stars

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  • Hope to witness some crazyass bullshit tomorrow. Will keep you posted upon my return from the stu-stu-studio. Hooray for Dick! Who doesn’t love a dancing Dick?!

  • quicky report before i go slay some ass at work: i sat 5 feet away from brandi freakin’ glanville last night, WHAAAAT?! LOLz for DAYs. only in my dreams, so i thought…

      • BWAhahaaaa, oh man, I tried but the cast of Less Than Perfect was blockin’ this fine fup! Next time, dude. Chaz Bono AND Louie Anderson were in the house, so was hoping their close-ups would suffice…

      • You forgot Eric Roberts, but I’m done pouting now! I watched it, maybe I saw you… Did you tell Brandi you’ve verbally sparred with her “biggest fan” aka guest?

      • I miss guest! I go on the Rimes stories on Celebitchy sometimes just so I can get a dose of her. Though everyone who comments on those stories there are as equally insane, none will ever take the place of guest!

      • That kind of crazy comes along once, maybe twice in a lifetime.. I just feel privileged to have witnessed her here!.

      • Oh Eric Star80 Roberts was wackyyyyy, but alas he does not have a fupa. And aww dear guest, I totally miss that nutbar too! Hey I promised I’d play nice… Anyway HOLYFUCK Glanasaurus Rex! Was tempted to ask for a photo with Brandi just to make you all laugh. Instead I watched her youngest son be adorable & well behaved, plus snapped some lame photos spy style. She was obsessed with reapplying her gaudy make up during commercial breaks, yet appeared to be a super attentive mother. Pretty cute to witness, once I stopped focusing on her cheek implants AYE yai yai…

  • In other news, that Derek regular was a pompous ass doing push ups in the center of the dance floor to get all the housewifes hootin’ & hollerin’ & creamin’ their jeans. Convinced he’s gay.