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Andy Dick

Andy Dick won’t face charges for stealing jewelry

andy dick

Andy Dick was recently arrested again, this time for stealing a $1,000 necklace, apparently. Oh, and he had drugs on him at the time. While this is far from Andy’s first offense and authorities had more than enough to convict him on, he’ll be going charge-free on this occasion as the DA have decided not to prosecute.

From TMZ:

As we first reported … Dick was arrested after a guy claimed Dick ran off with his $1K gold chain … when the two stopped to chat on Hollywood Blvd.

According to the D.A.’s office … when Dick was popped by cops, he was carrying a single Adderall pill — and he didn’t have a prescription — so he could have been charged with possession.

But we’re told … the D.A.’s office decided against filing the drug charge because Dick had such a minimal amount. They also declined to file grand theft charges because Dick had already given the necklace back  … and there was no evidence he ever planned to keep it.

Huh, well that’s that. He got off easy this time, but I’m sure there’ll be a next time. Andy just can’t help himself.

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Andy Dick Is The Worst Jewel Thief Ever


Oh Andy Dick, you’re backsliding again. Just when you think this guy might be okay, he pulls another stunt. He’s been arrested again, in Hollywood, this time for suspicion of felony grand theft, which is a fancy way of saying he stole an expensive necklace. More from E!:

According to People magazine, the 48-year-old troubled actor and comedian is accused of stealing a necklace last week. He was reportedly riding a bicycle in town and stopped next to a man, asking him if he could look at his chain. The man agreed and handed over the necklace, reportedly worth $1,000, and the allegedly actor rode off with it. The man then reported the incident to police, according to the magazine.

Dick was arrested in a well-trafficked area of Hollywood, located near many nightclubs, on Friday at 11:10 p.m., according to police records. He was detained on suspicion of felony grand theft, a spokesperson told E! News. The actor was released at 5:20 a.m. on Saturday after a $25,000 bond was posted. Dick has a Dec. 4 court date.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum punishment of three years in state prison. If he ends up being charged with a misdemeanor, it drops to one year.

The article also goes on to say it’s “unclear” if Mr. Dick was “under the influence” at the time of his arrest. I’m betting he was.

Listen, it may sound crazy, but I was rooting for the guy. I really liked him on Dancing with the Stars. He showed a shitload of remorse for his errant ways and behavior, and really endeared himself to the audience. But he’s just throwing that out the window, and I don’t know how much longer I can root for him.

This whole story is so bizarre. Who the hell grabs someone’s necklace and takes off on a bicycle? Worst jewel thief ever.

Are YOU rooting for Andy Dick? Or are you just totally over him?

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Andy Dick Just Needs to Shut His Offensive Mouth

A photo of Andy Dick

Do you want to hear something sad? I always kind of liked Andy Dick. I saw him on Sober House, and I heard him on the radio with Dr. Drew, and he always seemed like an absolute sweetheart dealing with some serious issues, and I always thought he was funny, you know, when he wasn’t getting arrested or snorting coke. But now he went and said some things about Howard Stern, some coke-fueled hurt feelings about being on the radio, and I just don’t know anymore.

“For two years I did the show, never got a cent, and I’m not complaining about that…I’m just saying the Jew facts. I never got paid,” Dick said. “I have no problem with his big, fat, hook nose, and his money-grubbing miserly Jewishness.”

Howard Stern aired that little quote on his radio show and got all indignant, understandably, and called Andy a “f*cking wacko” and claiming that no one’s going to give him a job. And hey, totally fair, Howard Stern. Call ‘em like you see ‘em.

At the end of the day, this sounds like one of those times where someone is trying to be funny but just ends up sounding really sad. And you guys, trust, Andy Dick is the saddest.

Caption This: Andy Dick Catches His Beautiful Reflection In a Mirror Covered With Cocaine

Comedian Andy Dick is up to his same old extremely troubling behavior according to this photo of him snorting a hand mirror full of cocaine. The picture, obtained by RadarOnline, is accompanied by quotes from folks who’ve seen Andy out recently, and while part of me wants to laugh at what a mess this dude is, a bigger part of me just feels so sad for humans.

Andy, hand mirrors are for seeing what your own vagina looks like in the privacy of your bedroom, not drugs. Gosh!

Dick Arrested for Sexual Abuse

Andy Dick was arrested in West Virginia early this morning on two felony counts of sexual abuse. Dick had performed at a comedy club called The Funny Bone and then headed out to several bars afterwards.

Dick got arrested in 2008 and is still on probation for sexual assault. I’m not sure how “assault” and “abuse” differ in this situation. The only thing I’m sure of is that everytime I say “Dick,” instead of a skinny, annoying “comedian,” I’m picturing a giant phallus. Especially in the context of this next sentence:

When asked why he was being hauled away by the cops, Dick responded, “People grabbin’ on me.”

Andy Dick Is Going to Live Sober … for Money

Eh, let’s see how long this lasts.

Andy Dick has reportedly signed on to be in Sober Living, a new reality show that I can only assume will be hosted by Dr. Drew. Sober living houses are where many recovering addicts choose to live after rehab — it’s kind of like a halfway house, where you have more freedom than in rehab but you’re still not completely on your own. Dick will be paid for his appearance. Somehow I doubt he’ll actually stay sober.

You know what recently occurred to me?

Remember how awesome it was when Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla hosted Loveline together back in the 90s and it was just the most amazing thing ever?

I think Adam Corolla should team up with Dr. Drew to do these rehab shows. Like, Drew’s all full of sensible advice and medical opinions. He needs a co-host like Adam Corolla to be like “Dude, did you see the booking photo of the hooker they caught you with? I think that chick missed the crack pipe and lit her face on fire instead. If you’re so high that you’re paying to bang that, you obviously have a problem.”

You know?

I think it would be awesome.

More Details on the Andy Dick Arrest

Oh, man.

The arresting officer, Lt. Dennis Vrooman, told E! News he picked up the actor at 1:13 a.m. today outside the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and bar after receiving a complaint about a man urinating outside and generally causing a disturbance.

“He was extremely intoxicated,” Vrooman said.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses told the officers that Dick had sexually battered a female teen victim.

Per the police report, the 42-year-old actor approached two girls outside the restaurant before grabbing and pulling down the tank top and bra of the unidentified 17-year-old.

Several of Dick’s friends attempted to remove him from the location, but cops stopped the group’s truck several minutes later at a nearby Sam’s Club.

“The girls were uncomfortable with what he had done,” Vrooman said. “They signed private person arrest forms requesting that he be arrested. It was not mutual.”

After locating Dick, both the victim and an additional witness managed to identify the actor in a curbside lineup.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough for Dick, officers found marijuana and Xanax in his pants pockets, Vrooman said.

It’s time to get some help, buddy. This is all such a mess.

Andy’s been released on $5000 bail.