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Andy Dick won’t face charges for stealing jewelry

andy dick

Andy Dick was recently arrested again, this time for stealing a $1,000 necklace, apparently. Oh, and he had drugs on him at the time. While this is far from Andy’s first offense and authorities had more than enough to convict him on, he’ll be going charge-free on this occasion as the DA have decided not to prosecute.

From TMZ:

As we first reported … Dick was arrested after a guy claimed Dick ran off with his $1K gold chain … when the two stopped to chat on Hollywood Blvd.

According to the D.A.’s office … when Dick was popped by cops, he was carrying a single Adderall pill — and he didn’t have a prescription — so he could have been charged with possession.

But we’re told … the D.A.’s office decided against filing the drug charge because Dick had such a minimal amount. They also declined to file grand theft charges because Dick had already given the necklace back  … and there was no evidence he ever planned to keep it.

Huh, well that’s that. He got off easy this time, but I’m sure there’ll be a next time. Andy just can’t help himself.

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