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Andy Dick is sentenced to 14 days in jail

Andy dick went from being a quirky spaz in the 90’s to just being an all out maniac and creep.   He’s constantly fucking up and this time he got popped for grouping a womans ass back in 2018.

Initially he was just getting cumminty service for it, but then the 53 year old child never did it so he was sentenced to 14 days in an LA jail.   He’s already out.  He served one night.

Dick was arrested on December 6 and was released from custody on December 7 due to overcrowding.

The victim claims that Dick grabbed her rear twice and allegedly made lewd comments towards her.

This comes after Dick’s wife, Lina Sved, says he began drinking again and has gotten into several drunken arguments with their adult son.

During one of his arguments with his son Jacob, his son was forced to lock his father out of the house. So he’s really got to get his shit together.