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Bachelor Sean Lowe To Be On Dancing With The Stars

sean lowe bachelor dancing with the stars

Sean Lowe of The Bachelor is a surprise addition to Dancing with the Stars. Announced this morning on Good Morning America, Mr. Lowe with dance partner Peta Murgatroyd will join luminaries Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd among others on season 16 of ABC’s reality dancing show.


Did you guys watch The Bachelor finale? Sean chose Catherine, who seems okay but barely got any screen time and isn’t nearly as much of an audience favorite as runner-up Lindsay. Sean also really, really didn’t want to break up with Lindsay but he had to because that’s the nature of the show yet he also liked Catherine but one of them had to go, so he told Lindsay, “I have no real reason to break up with you” and “I love you” and sent her on her way and then proposed to Catherine a few hours later. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW.

He and Catherine are going to marry on TV. Bachelor Biceps wants to make something clear though:

I’ve always said I’m not looking for fame. In fact, I don’t like the fame aspect of The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars. But when an opportunity like Dancing comes along, it’s too good to pass up. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I wouldn’t have taken it had Catherine not been OK with it. She’s fully supporting me. She’s in my corner. She’s going to be on this crazy ride with me.

Translation: Oh my God you guys they paid me so much money you have no freaking idea, I can’t even, you guys, you guys if I could show you this check you would understand, I can’t even, you guys.

On Bachelor Biceps surprise addition, Andy Dick said,

Oh Lord. If he has those guns and he’s got the dance moves, then watch out America.

Translation: Oh my God you guys I am going to have try THAT MUCH HARDER to keep everyone’s attention on me at all times, you guys, you guys, oh my God.

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  • I’ll be sitting in the audience of this shit show very soon, so will report back promptly if any shenanigans go down.

  • Chaz, ya knOw I’ll bring the crazy. Sequins…think I’ll wear shiny shit…March 25th, Andy Dick cheering section; look for the obnoxious/awesome arseholes.

    CSI, ju got it, babes.

    • Andy Dick, seriously? I hope they are paying you well! I ran into him some years ago at Hollywood Park when he was at the height of his psychosis, what an assbag! I will, however, be glued to my seat to catch a glimpse of the Amazing Pikki…

      • For serious – weird, huh. I for one, THIS friggin’ jerk has nothing bad to say about him, only ’cause he’s been awesome in the past whilst sober. Sober is key for the dude, oh man… President Chaz, you flatter me so, but what if I look like Honey Boo Boo’s mom?! Gonna flash ma fupa as they pan the audience, y’all, anarchy in Hollywood…

      • There’s no fuckin way you look like Honey Boo Boo’s mom…. & if you indeed do? Let me say personality plays baby, personality plays!