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Dancing with the Stars 2013 Cast Revealed

dancing with the stars season 16 cast

Dancing with the Stars, just revealed their cast for season 16. Yes, season 16. Do you feel old yet? It’s your usual motley crew of “who’s that” “trainwreck” “athletes” and “why?” Let’s take a look, in order from who I know trickling down to who I don’t recognize.


Andy Dick. I don’t see how this could possibly go wrong! Let’s get ole Andy “Massive Liability” Dick on a live show where he has to interact with people and work hard. Take a shot every time he offends someone.

Wynonna Judd. Country singer and sister of Ashley Judd and daughter of Naomi Judd. Loves to argue with her mom and sister. Complained about her weight on Oprah.

D.L. Hughley. Bwah? This falls under the “why” to me. I guess he hasn’t done much since his show was cancelled in 2009.

Kellie Pickler. She was on American Idol and ask Simon, “What’s sal-min?” And he said, “You don’t know what salmon is?” And she did her aw shucks routine of, I’m just a little country girl. I’m okay with her though. She seems sweet and fun and when her friend got cancer and lost her hair, Ms. Pickler shaved her head in solidarity. That’s awesome.

Dorothy Hamill. Ice skater. I think Chandler had a crush on her on Friends. Or maybe it was Ross? That’s all I got.

Victor Oritz. Boxer.

Now we’re into “I have no idea who these people are” territory.

Aly Raisman. 18 years-old, Olympic gymnast. She won a gold medal and a bronze medal.

Ingo Rademacher. Soap star. Known for General Hospital.

Jacoby Jones. Football player for the Baltimore Ravens. Super Bowl Champion. Has a clock tattooed on his chest.

Lisa Vanderpump. Oh I just realized who she is now. She owns Sur (a restaurant in West Hollywood). She was also apparently on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Zendaya Coleman. She’s an actress on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up! (Wha?) She plays “Rocky Blue.”


So there you go. I think Andy Dick will be first to go. Judd will stay around for a bit since she’s one of the more recognizable names but I don’t think she’ll last long.

What do you think of this cast? Do you watch the show? Will you this season?

Image of the celebrity dancers + their dance pro partners is from Dancing with the Stars Facebook, which is worth checking out because the wall comments are GOLD.

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