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Miley’s Wedding Is NOT Called Off

Miley Cyrus is still planning to marry Liam Hemsworth, so rest assured, all 4 people who are worried about this. The Internet is buzzing today that the wedding was called off, amid speculation of Mr. Hemsworth’s supposed cheating. Dear Ms. Cyrus insist that isn’t true, tweeting,

miley cyrus twitter

So leave. Leave LA. I dare you.

A “close source” told People,

The wedding is still on. Miley and Liam have had some problems that they are working through. Miley doesn’t think it’s a big deal. She loves Liam and can’t wait to marry him.

Miley it’s only going to worse after you get married. The scrutiny, that is. This will never go away. Stop feeding into it. That is probably far easier said than done.

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  • She won’t leave bc she loves the attention, she’s not sick of sh*t! And look at her cropped (lol) studded/spiked leather jacket and top, that someone else probably made for her btw, but then she gets in her car and throws on a Rihanna CD (another poser who thinks she’s sooooooo badass with her mow-hawks and stupid tattoos of sentences and sayings yet sings pop/rap songs) or like a Britney CD or some gay a$$ screamo band’s CD! What a fckn poser. I bet the Ramones or the Sex Pistols are as close to punk rock as she gets, lol. Which would be fine btw, if she didn’t try to dress the part of super underground subculture punk rocker all the goddamn time. She has no idea what good underground music is. I think I saw a picture of her wearing an Iron Maiden shirt once, too. What a geek. She only knows what’s extremely popular in the metal/punk scenes, she has no idea what it’s like to be a metal head or punk rocker living on the streets of NYC drinking til the sun comes up, fighting, running from cops, and going to $12 shows in shitty little bars and chilling with the bands who happen to be your friends anyway or better yet, getting picked on your whole teenage life for being different and looking like that or not cool. She knows nothing about that she knows $$ and fashion designers and the Grammys for her shitty pop songs for kids. So idk why she thinks dressing like this is so cool then. Because it doesn’t make her anything but a poser, throwing on a spiked and studded jacket that you paid $950 for doesn’t make you cool or punk rock, Miley. You don’t get to turn what we fought for and live for into a fckn fashion trend that you over pay for. I’d respect her a lot more if she went and bought a regular leather jacket and walked into a store on St. Marks in the village, without an entourage and cameras, and bought a handful of spikes, went home and sat there painstakingly putting them all on along with some patches of bands that she likes while blasting a Slayer or Discharge album.. no respect for posers, sorry.

    • Those huge long spikes on her right shoulder are hard to find and I have a bracelet I made with those kind and I’m not allowed in half the places I try to wear it to, but I bet Miley has NO PROBLEM when she wears that cropped piece of crap wherever she goes. Oh but that’s right, she only wears that thing when she’s going to be photographed at events an what not. She doesn’t really wear that out or chilling with friends or to real shows.. she doesn’t go to shows anyway she goes to screamo/emo/pop punk concerts and sits on the side of the stage lofuckingl

    • I was going to comment on her absurd need to try and look “punk” but I think you covered it!

      • Bravo! Yeah, the little shit tries WAAAAAY too fucking hard. Nothing genuine about it.

    • I always think people who have to call themselves ‘punk’ or ‘metal’ (most of the time “‘meeeeeetaaaaaalll *hand gesture*”) are NOT punk or metal. So annoying and childish ‘omg I am SOOOOOOO bad ass’. No you are not Miley, and neither are u Rihanna (smoking pot? Come to the Netherlands you freaking poser!).. Bleh

  • We of La. and surrounding areas are sick of you too. It’s Los Angeles to you and be on your way and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out or let it, on second thought.

  • If they are having problems now you think it will not get worst. delusional. If she had more self-respect she would get out of the relationship.

  • Why would she cancel her wedding because of some gossip site rumors. It’s surprising that all you haters take the time to read and respond to a post about Miley. It’s her life let her live it you jealous fucks