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Details Of The Mean Girls Musical

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Mean Girls, the insanely quotable Tina Fey Film, is being made into a Broadway musical. It’s in the very early stages but Vulture spoke to Ms. Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond (who is writing the music), and provided some details:

It’s all just laid out structure-wise right now. That’s how early we are. Because you have to take a three-act structure and turn it into a two-act structure and start thinking about it like that, and we’re working! […] I think there will be a fair amount of songs to move the action forward, but because Tina’s dialogue in the movie is so funny, there will be a lot of room in there for that, for sure. We’re going to keep those jokes in there. ‘Fetch’ will be a song, for sure, absolutely. And it will probably reprise itself at some point, just so you know. Gretchen Wieners will have a song. That’s all I can say. But it is fun to think about who is going to get a song — like, Damian will have a couple of songs.

I can see the track listing now!

1. 4 For You Glen Coco!

2. We Must Stab Caesar (Gretchen’s Revenge)

3. All Carb Diet (Regina’s Song)

4. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

5. Why Are You White? (Africa!)

My favorite Mean Girls line is probably, “Danny DeVito, I love your work!” What’s yours?

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