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Tom Cruise May Have Been Kicked Out of Catholic School Over Alcohol Theft

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Oooh, juicy! A former schoolmate of Tom Cruise‘s claims that everyone’s (least) favourite scientologist was kicked out of Catholic school – St. Francis Seminary School in Cincinnati, to be precise – back in the day because he was caught stealing alcohol from a school cupboard. First of all, why was there alcohol in a school cupboard? I suppose if it was wine for communion, they could explain it away, but who knows. Second of all, Catholicism must have gotten bad if Tom felt the need to convert to a cult revolving around aliens.

Anyway, from the New York Daily News:

Priests at the seminary have said Cruise chose to leave the school when his family relocated again, this time to New Jersey. But Dempler remembers it differently.

He and Cruise weren’t troublemakers, but they liked to sneak out and smoke cigarettes.

“Standard stuff for a kid on a Saturday night,” Dempler said.

But one night the duo got the bright idea of stealing some liquor from their Franciscan fathers, who were planning a celebration, Dempler said.

Dempler sneaked into the room where the liquor was stashed and threw bottle after bottle out the window to Cruise, waiting below.

“(I) tossed about six, most broke, but we managed to get a couple and hide them in the nearby woods,” said Dempler. “The priests didn’t even realize until some of the other boys found out about our plan and snuck into the woods and got drunk. They were caught staggering down the road to the seminary and forced to confess.

“The school wrote a letter to our parents saying they liked us both, but would prefer if we didn’t return. So we weren’t kicked out, just preferred not to go,” said Dempler.

God bless that broke ass childhood friend of a celebrity who sells their story to a second rate newspaper for a few hundred dollars. Really milk the glory, there. Does anyone really care that Tom Cruise stole some booze when he was a teenager? No? Okay, then.