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Will Jennifer Aniston Change Her Name?

jennifer aniston justin theroux

Is Jennifer Aniston thinking about changing her name to Jennifer Theroux after marriage? Sources say yes.

America’s sweetheartplans to secretly take Justin’s last name. “She plans on changing her name to Theroux. She likes the way it sounds and jokes that [Jennifer Theroux] sounds very posh.

When Ms. Aniston married Brad Pitt — wait hold on, does that not seem like a million years ago? Can you even picture them as a couple anymore? Does anyone else feel really old? Anyway, when they married she legally changed her name to Jennifer (Joanne) Pitt but still went by Jennifer Aniston. In this case, with her upcoming marriage to Justin Theroux, she’s thinking about not only legally changing it, but changing it “for the public” as well. Like when Courteney Cox changed her name to Courteney Cox-Arquette. And then in the first episode of Friends after she was married, every cast member had “-Arquette” added to their name. Okay now does anyone else feel really old?

Do you think she’ll do it?

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