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Kate Upton’s Trainer Speaks Out

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Kate Upton, model on her way to super status, has needed to defend her body since she did her first cover for Sports Illustrated which is effing ridiculous because her body is insane, in the best kind of way. Her trainer, David Kirsch is now speaking out about her body which is weird because, 1. It sounds like he has to defend her body and 2. We never, ever have a trainer discussing a dude’s body.

Kirsch, who also trains Heidi KlumKarolina Kurkova and Liv Tyler, talked to New York Magazine about Upton’s workout regimen and diet in a piece titled, Kate Upton’s Trainer Defends Her “Porky” Body. In a moment of “come on, everybody, like, duh, why are you all so daft” Kirsch says,

Look, she’s eating [well], she’s cleaned out of the junk, but ultimately it’s genetics. She’s got curves. There was no way I was going to “uncurve” her. That was never my objective.

Exactly and thank you. He goes on,

I love curves. She is the quintessential all-American girl. She’s fresh, sunny, and natural, and not too skinny. We’re not advocating that stick-thin, unhealthy, anorexic approach to modeling. She’s got a little extra meat. I love that physical aspect of her from her chest to curvy hip.

This is the part where naturally skinny girls love to say, “Oh my gosh, we have feelings too, why are you assuming thin women are unhealthy?” And, “Are we not ‘all-American’ just because we’re skinny?” 1. No one is saying that, shut up. 2. You were lucky enough to be born into what is, at least for this time in humanity, the prized body type. Sure, there might be a handful of people out there who tease you for being too thin, and that sucks, but that doesn’t compare to the millions of women who get teased for being too fat, when most of the time, they’re not fat at all, they’re just fat compared to the modeling industry which is what we’re basing women’s bodies on, which sucks.

To add,

I posted all of her pictures from SI [Sports Illustrated] on my Facebook and there were the people who said, “Oh she’s porky, she’s fat.” But my response is, “You guys are all entitled to your opinion, and I know I’m biased, but I would sooner have that healthy body than one that is too thin.” She also embraces it. She’s like, “I got great boobs. Hello, they’re there. They’re not going anywhere.”

And are gigantic boobs not just as coveted as a skinny wasitline? It’s like, no offense to Upton or girls with awesome cuves, but we just can’t win, can we?

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  • Who cares what she eats anyway? The girl is smokin’ hot. I hate whenever a story is about someone’s weight, the first defense is “she is eating well, has cut out the junk etc…” Like Roseanne Barr says “I support a woman’s right to chew”. As long as she is healthy and comfortable in her own skin, she should feel free to eat whatever, whenever she damn well pleases.

  • She’s around 130-150 or so at her height. (5’10”)

    Not one bone is visible and she’s fairly fleshy.

    I’d say her weight was normal.

    If she were thin, she wouldn’t be nearly as attractive.

  • I think of the super skinny models as a lowest common denominator, most likely to be able to look decent in the broadest range of clothes, but not the best representation of the female form. It thrills me to no end to see Kate Upton all over the place, and I hope this is something we see more of. Girl is gorgeous!

  • People can call me skinny if they want, I guess – but it makes me mad when people tell me I’m “lucky” for being thin. No, I’m dedicated, disciplined, and I run like a maniac. I want to be healthy for my son, I want to set a good example for healthy living. I’m far from lucky, I work my ASS off!! And I’d still kill for Kate’s body, but I know she works for it, too. Except for the boobs, she’s lucky to have those money-makers :)

    • Good for you! It’s freakin’ hard, isn’t it? Please note though that I wrote, “naturally skinny.” That’s the luck part.

      • Thanks! Two halves down and working on a full marathon by the end of the year. The Texas heat doesn’t help at all. The lucky thing gets to me sometimes cause I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked! :) I’m not one of those naturals, so I have to watch it

  • I have a difficult time understanding Kate Upton being called ‘fat’ when most of the American public is heavier and less toned than she is…that’s the pot calling the kettle fat.

  • She is not fat, nor super-thin. What she has is a ridiculously large chest – hence her appearance on ANY magazine covers.

  • People who body shame anyone for any reason need a good Katt Williams-style slap in the face. They just need to sit down, shut that peepee-gobbler, because I don’t see them on the covers of magazines.

  • Have you read she said she got really sick after that photoshoot because they made her stand in a bikini in the fucking Arctic while everyone else was wearing ski coats and big gloves? The fact that SI care so little about their models that will risk their health to get a “nice” photo (if we can call that photo nice).

  • I think it’s great they finally let models be normal size and not some stick thin person with a head ! She is hot ! Curves are where it’s at , finally :)

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