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Kris Humphries’ Lawyer Dumped Him

kardashian humphries

Kris Humphries and Lindsay Lohan have something in common: both got dumped by their lawyers. Marshall Waller, lawyer of said alpaca, played the irreconcilable differences card and split. Oh man, ouch. And on Valentine’s Day, too! Just for fun, since this is what I consider fun, I Googled Marshall Waller to see who else he’s represented and found reviews of him, like a Yelp for lawyers. Most of them favorable! And in case you were wondering, he charges $295 – $525 per hour. Super!

Hopefully Humphries can find a new lawyer soon so this poor horrible nightmare for Kim “My Face Looks Super Different But I Haven’t Done Anything To It” Kardashian and Kanye “This Is Why People Hate Me” West can end. Ms. Kardashian said that she really, really wants to be legally divorced before her baby is born, to which everyone says, “Lol, no, that’s not how the law works, sorry.”

Which side are you rooting for? I’m guessing most of you are going to comment with, “neither.”


Via Eonline.

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  • Maybe this is part of kris plan to prolong Kim’s suffering :) maybe it is gonna drag on because he now has to get a new lawyer and start over ? I hope they stay married just tell the kid is born ! I love seeing Kim humiliated !!!!!!! She should have though of this before she got knocked up !!! She such a fame whore so I hope the camera are at every court date !!!!

  • Lol!!! Alpaca….these writers know what they’re talking about. I agree with “kimcheee” Humphries is a jerk and all his jerk-like qualities came to light. Kim dumping him after 72 days was kind. If you ask me she waited too long.

  • Without the uncuts tapes he has no proof and the Kartrasians know that, that is whythey all went to all the talk shows saying he was in delusion. Why ‘E’ networks don’t provide the tapes, what is in them….proably the truth that this marriage was a fraud in which case they will be incriminated too and that is bad for their credibility and money as they will all have to return the money from the sponsors and probably those sponsors would not be that eager to work with E again. People it is all about MONEY and will always be about that especially with the Kardashians. OR MAYBE JUST MAYBE it is just the way for Kris to get back at Kim for trying to precipitate things!! Who knows…..They all deserve each other. MB

  • How ANYONE can back up Kim Kardashian for ANYTHING is beyond me. This twat deserves every nasty thing that happens to her. She and her equally scummy momager and idiotic sisters deserve to have a Greek chorus-type entourage following them 24/7 to throw rotten vegetables and fruit at them non-stop.

    • I agree 100% !!! I think it’s funny as hell that he stood up to her and is making her life hell :) I hope he drags it out until the kids 1st birthday !!!!! She wanted to be a fame whore so I hope she gets everything she deserves !!!! She’s a HUGE piece of flaming shit !!!

    • Word….. Excellent thought on the entourage! However, I believe the family needs a Monty Pythonesque minstrel troupe following them as penance….. “Bravely Lady Kim, strode forth from Calabas, looking for a suitor to wed her giant ass….”