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Deadmau5 Hates Kanye West; I Hate Deadmau5

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Deadmau5, a Canadian “electro-house producer” known for wearing a gigantic-ass mouse head, gave some words of love and encouragement for rapper Kanye West. Just kidding he said, “I f-cking hate him.” He didn’t say this out of the blue, though. It’s not like he went into a Starbucks and said, “I’ll have chai latte and I f-cking hate Kanye West.” Vibe Magazine asked who he would most like to work with. And like any self respecting adult, his answer was,

Anyone other than f—ing Kanye. I f—ing hate him.

Bravery level: so.

Well whatever, Mouse Head, I’m not fond of you either. You get all pissy whenever someone refers to you as a “DJ” while acting like what you do and make is like John Lennon 2013. How is what you do that different from being a DJ? And what’s wrong with DJs? In 2008 in an interview with Irish Daily Star he said,

It puts me to f-cking sleep, to be quite honest; I don’t really see the technical merit in playing two songs at the same speed together and it bores me to f-cking tears and hopefully, with all due respect to the DJ type that will f-cking go the way of the dinosaur, I’d like them to dis-a-f-cking-ppear! [And then here he called them a very bad word.]

Please tell me more, from inside of your giant mouse head. Also you’re engaged to Kat Von D, who is bad on so many levels she’s like a dilapidated shopping mall. Remember when he proposed to her on Twitter? That has nothing to do with anything, I just like reminding people about that.

I understand why you  wouldn’t like Kanye West — you’re not the first — but dude, don’t be a dick. Kanye is talented and super successful and a huge name in the industry and you’re wearing a f-cking mouse head, Joel.

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  • I’m just gonna put this out there…I love both of them. Not who they are as people, just their music. And actually, yknow what? Not even all their music. Just some. So maybe “love” is a bit strong…how abut I ENJOY both of them…in a musical sense.

  • What a wanker, he is badmouthing everyone trying to stay relevant. Deadmau5 baby you were okay back in 2007. Move over.

  • Neither one of them have any talent what so ever. Kanye is an egotistical butt ugly monkey who needs his ass kicked by a white guy (I volunteer). Someone who wears a giant mouse head, can’t take anything he says or does seriously. hopefully both of those losers will disappear soon

  • I don’t know shit about Deadmau5, but what a prick. Talking shit about Kanye, okay. Kanye is kind of a douche, although a LOT more talented that the mouse. However, talking so much shit about dj’s? I agree with you completly, how different is what Dead-blahwhatever does from dj’ing?!