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Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley Gets TV Show

rupert grint ron weasley cbs

Rupert Grint, of the Harry Potter film series, is starring in a new show for CBS. Are we surprised by this? Because I’m a little surprised by this. I think it’s great, I just never would have pictured him as the type to star in a show on a major network.

It’s going to be shot as a single camera comedy. That’s so hot right now. Mr. Grint plays a nerd named Clyde who dreams of being a superhero but works in fast food. One day he receives an unexpected inheritence stipulating that every month he gets $100,000. He decides to be a real life superhero by using that money to help people. Wow that sounds boring. I’m going to pretend that instead of all of that, he plays a gay sex addict obsessed with Lord of the Rings and is having an affair with a closeted gay man, played by Hugh Laurie, who is married to the first female president of the United States. That sounds like a way better show. Come at me, CBS.

It’s titled Super Clyde and it’s from Greg Garcia who gave us Raising Hope. Was that show any good? I never saw it. Hey, best of luck to ya, Rupert!

Are you interested in Grint’s new show?

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