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Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ got a religious warning

noah poster

People were always going to get up in arms over Darren Aronofsky‘s new film, Noah, which is a retelling of the classic Biblical tale. Of course, it’s a movie, so of course they take some liberties to make it suitable for the big screen and actually entertaining. Otherwise, everyone would be asleep. Of course, some religious nuts were protesting it before the film even came out, so it now has a disclaimer in the beginning to appease those who might complain:


Of course, if you go into a movie theatre to see a movie based on a book and get upset that it isn’t exactly like the story you see on paper, you probably need to reevaluate your life a bit. Harry Potter was different on screen than it was in the books, and while people bitched, they generally got over it and enjoyed it for what it was. And no, I don’t need the Christian sect in the comments telling me there’s a difference between The Bible and Harry Potter. Some of us don’t believe there is – deal with it.

The movie does look kind of great/blockbuster-y with some good special effects. Even I can say that and I’m not religious. However, if I did go see it (which I won’t), I sure as hell wouldn’t be expecting to see a literal interpretation.

I dunno, what do you guys think? Will you go see this? Even if you are religious or consider yourself a Christian, do you feel the uproar about this is warranted?

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The ‘Bling Ring’ Trailer is Making Me Really Excited To See ‘The Bling Ring’

If you haven’t heard about The Bling Ring yet, I’ll give you a short synopsis. It’s Sofia Coppola‘s movie about the true story of a teenage burglary ring who broke into the homes of several celebrities in the Hollywood Hills. What’s not to love? Emma Watson stars as Nikki, the leader of the girl gang, in a totally refreshing role that’s a far cry from Harry Potter, that’s for sure.

Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Leslie Mann, Claire Julien, Georgia Rock and Carlos Miranda are also in the movie, which is coming out June 14 in the US and I have to be honest, I can’t wait to see this shit.

If you want to know Emma’s thoughts on the movie, here’s a few – she basically hated her character but “relished” the chance to play someone so amoral and selfish. Hurrah!

“When I read the script and I realized that essentially it was a meditation on fame and what it’s become to our society, I had to do it.

“The character is everything that I felt strongly against – she’s superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral. She’s all of these things and I realized that I hated her. How do you play someone you hate?

“But I found it really interesting and it gave me a whole new insight into what my job, or my role as an actress, could be.”

Acclaimed British Actor And Harry Potter’s Uncle Died

harry potter's uncle durlsey griffiths

Richard Griffiths, an acclaimed British actor perhaps best known for his role as Vernon Dursley, Harry Potter‘s mean uncle, died yesterday. The Los Angeles Times reports that he died from complications following heat surgery. He was only 65.

Mr. Griffiths again starred with Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus. He did quite a lot of theater, including The History Boys for which he won a Tony. He also reprised his History Boys role in the film. Personally I loved his role in the first episode of Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc. That was a good show. A spot-on satirical look at American television and Hollywood. He plays a renowned British actor in a beloved British television show being adapted for America. Even though he’s a respected British actor, he’s still required to audition for the American version, and things go horribly wrong when he’s asked to do the audition with an American accent. He loses the role to Matt LeBlanc. It’s like how he once said,

If I had my way, all actors over 55 would be issued a 3-lb. wet salmon with which to slap the face of every young, beautiful, successful upstart. ‘That’s for being so lucky, you bastard!’ I would shout. And then, hit them again, if you can.

Rest in peace, old boy.