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Quotables: Brandi Glanville Can Talk About Sex With Eddie Cibrian, Too!

photo of brandi glanville and eddie cibrian pictures

I would say he’s a nine. I was with him for 13 years. I wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t, like, a total package. … He, at this point, [however] … I care about him as the father of my children … [but] even if we’re in the same room, he makes my skin crawl.

OK, taking the whole cheating thing out of this equation, because Eddie and LeAnn both are disgusting human beings in their own very special ways for doing what they did, and going about it in the way that … well, they did, there’s still something of importance that we need to address, OK?

We need to address just how … how … I don’t know how else to say this other than “anti-feminist” … it is that Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes could be so pathetic to talk about what a sex god Eddie Cibrian is, in spite of everything that’s happened. I can’t even take it. It seriously puts a lump in my throat, and it’s not welled-up emotion that’s in there, guys—it’s f-cking bile. It’s the shit that gives me heartburn, and before any of you go ahead and say, “Well, Sarah, that doesn’t seem to be all that healthy, getting acid indigestion from three people who have no bearing on your life whatsoever,” I’m going to address that part right now: see, I have to share a f-cking planet with all of you people, and I’m sorry, but I have certain expectations. Like not being pathetic wretches who publicly battle for the same flaccid, overworked penis, and then worship said penis for years to come, even when one of those wretches “loses.” Right about now, Eddie Cibrian probably thinks he’s just God’s gift to trashy women the world over, and I’m sorry, but that bothers me in a big way.

Also, can I secretly hope that LeAnn Rimes looks at these photos (whether on this website or another) of Eddie and Brandi and it makes her nuts? Is that one of those horrible-person things to do? Because I’m going to do it anyway. These three people, guys. I don’t even know anymore.

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  • It’s antifeminist indeed. Her misdirected rage towards LeAnn, when if her husband had been a truly good person he wouldn’t have cheated on her on the first place. It’s sad to see women pitched against each other.

  • She went on to say that she wouldn’t have stayed that long if he wasn’t the total package, but now being in the same room with him “makes her skin crawl.” I caught the majority of her appearance on WWHL & I think she was absolutely hilarious and a straight-shooter. Team Brandi all the way.

  • I also think that she needs to quit engaging Leann in so many ways, but I hope she continues to do so out of a motivation to get under Leann’s skin. Eddie was certainly just as guilty in everything, but I know I would glean distinct pleasure out of irritating the shit out of the home-wrecking whore just by speaking. And nothing’s going to get to Leann more than reinforcing that he was “here” first & he’s sloppy seconds.

  • In regards to Brandi’s comments about Eddie being a 9, I think she should have just said “no comment”. I don’t think that Brandi wants Eddie, just that she is playing on Leann’s insecurities seeing as how Leann is morphing herself into Brandi just to please Eddie.

    That photo of Brandi and Eddie did make Leann go nuts, so much so that Leann recreated that same exact pose with Eddie at that same club (The examiner: That’s Amore: Eddie Cibrian returns to Lavo–this time with LeAnn Rimes April 19, 2010). Isn’t Eddie supposed to be creating new memories with Leann? Leann and Eddie have such a strange marriage.

    Brandi’s rage isn’t misdirected. Leann actively pursued her husband while pretending to be her friend, flaunted it nonstop even going to US Weekly to expose it and then writing an album and several singles about it. Not only did Leann write an album or single about it, she bragged on twitter about how she let Brandi’s kids listen to those songs.

  • Just when you think that Leann can’t stoop any lower…she did a tour of her closet with ET while wearing a bikini. Didn’t Brandi do a tour of her closet for RHOBH? Who is Leann blackmailing over at ET/ABC because how in the world did she get a 4 part exclusive interview, when ET doesn’t even do that for artists like Beyonce or Taylor S who actually deserve it?

    Leann told Jimmy that since she has to deal with Eddie making out with women for his “job”, then Eddie is just going to have to learn to deal with her exclusive interviews and songs. Leann makes it sound like she is purposely trying to cause harm to Eddie’s “career” by acting crazy.

  • Leann is losing it on twitter right now( I knew that something was up when someone went berserk in the previous thread), going after Brandi by using her kids as weapons.

    1) “My life gets made when the boys want to play music! It was a jam session!”-Leann Rimes

    So once again she is bragging about the boys listening to her songs about her affair with Eddie. I sincerely hope that she didn’t set up another exclusive interview, this time including this “jam session” with Brandi’s kids.

    2) “Sushi w/ the boys and John Mayer on the stereo….”-Leann Rimes

    Which means that the internet will soon be saturated with a “happy family” staged photo-op of Leann and Eddie with Brandi’s kids at Nobu. Or she will post photos of the boys to her fan website at this “ham session”.

    3) One of Leann’s fans tweeted that she was a “great mama” and called her the boys mother. And then the media can’t understand why Brandi got upset with Leann in November when she called the boys “her boys”. Why would Leann keep encouraging her fans who call her the boys mother?

    And she tweeting photos of herself in a bed, which looks like she isn’t wearing any clothes. Seriously!