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Quotables: LeAnn Rimes Would Love to Tell You About Her Sex Life

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

“Have you seen him? [Sex is] whatever time. Any time of the day. Whenever he wants it.”

LeAnn Rimes needs you to know that she has sex with her husband. Like, a lot.

But hey, does this make anyone else kind of uncomfortable? Because I don’t like this at all. If it was anyone else, I’d probably just be all “ha ha, whatever” and not give it another thought, but since it’s LeAnn, I just get this image of LeAnn walking around the house in lingerie, doing sexy poses to try to get Eddie to notice her. Like I could see him being on the phone, and she’d come up in front of him in some sort of fancy panties and bend over and pout at him. And I feel like she could be doing some sort of work, and he’d call – no, he’d just text – and say “it’s time,” and she’d drop whatever to please him. Because heaven knows that if she doesn’t, he’ll find someone who will.

Hope you love all these mental images!

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  • I wish she’d gone into detail about exactly how they hide their constant sex from the children when they are staying with them. :) Just saying….it must happen, right?

  • It’s PR 101. What’s a famewhore to do when media outlets like Radaronline are releasing articles about how Eddie is using Leann for her money and doing exclusive interviews with one of Eddie’s mistresses(the same one Life and Style said Eddie cheated with in 2009 when Leann was claiming how committed Eddie was to her to People mag)? Talk about how she and Eddie are having “hot and steamy” 24/7! See, Eddie can’t possibly be cheating on Leann, lusting for another woman, or using Leann for money because Leann keeps Eddie sexually satisfied so much so that he just can’t keep his hands off of her. Based on Leann’s staged photo-ops with AKM-GSI and her twitpics, we see Eddie making out with Leann under 5 conditions: he is drunk, has alcohol in his hands/somewhere near him, Leann bought him something very expensive, Leann took him/Lizzy/his friends on a lavish vacation, or Lizzy is present.

    It’s funny that Leann says they have sex whatever time Eddie wants it or anytime of the day because where is Eddie when Leann is having those manic phases on twitter? Is he sitting quietly waiting for her manic phase on twitter to pass? Or is Leann pulling a Paris Hilton and tweeting while she is having sex with Eddie? The most likely answer is that Eddie isn’t home with Leann or he is somewhere in their house behind the protection of a locked door.

    I remember one time Leann tweeted to her fans that she was about to “struggle”(have sex) with Eddie, but based on her tweets you could tell that she was having a very hard time getting Eddie’s attention. She tweeted that Eddie was downstairs “practicing to play the trumpet”(for his Hallmark movie). The jokes just write themselves! Eddie picked a “trumpet” over Leann. I don’t doubt that Leann does prance around in her lingerie doing sexy poses and pouting. But what comes into question is Eddie’s response to Leann. She is constantly changing everything about herself, which means Eddie isn’t as into Leann as she wants us all to believe.

  • Because Leann does such a great job at documenting every detail of her life via her tweets and paid mouthpieces:

    1) First Leann tweeted this: ”Night twitter land. Gonna go snuggle my hubby for some body heat that just might help me sleep….or just forget about the pain :) ;) ”

    When Leann orginally made this statement, she used the word struggle. She then changed it to snuggle after the mother of Brandi’s son’s friend asked Leann if she made a mistake and meant snuggle. Leann then explained to the mother whose son attends the same school as Brandi’s son that struggling is exactly what she meant because it’s code for sex. One of her fans then said first you struggle and then you snuggle.

    2) Hours later, Leann was still tweeting. One of her fans asked why she was still tweeting instead of enjoying her husband, and that was when Leann tweeted this: “My husband is downstairs studying how to play the trumpet… Dude is working his butt off… it’s sexy. Working on his part for the film he’s working on.”

    3) So how does Leann go from “struggling” /”snuggling” with Eddie to being completely ignored by him? Leann made plans to “struggle” with Eddie, but for some odd reason Eddie didn’t get the memo.

  • People who brag about their sex lives the way LeAnn does , rarely actually have good ones. LeAnn is so completely desperate to make it appear that she and Eddie can’t get enough of each other, but misses the fact that her constant tweeting outs her as lying. There are many days where she tweets almost constantly. Is she tweeting during sex? I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s just that pathetic. Eddie married LeAnn because she provides him with the luxury lifestyle he feels entitled to. He gets to gamble when she plays casinos, she pays for his friends to travel with them where ever they go and she even pays his parents rent. He is basically her gigolo. Sex isn’t about love for Eddie so even if they are having lots of it, it means nothing. After all, LeAnn pays all the bills, it’s the least Eddie can do for her.

  • I hope the new writers don’t talk about Leann so much. She is really just pathetic and doesn’t seem to have a career anymore other than flapping her trap about her love life, or lack of it. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about it, and I think publishing things about her just perpetuates her ridiculousness.

  • I’m having a hard time understanding Leann and Cibrian have been newsworthy since 2009MAR18.

    McSquinty has supported her entire career through her mumbly-stumbly activity-time with the stolen husband.

    To be fair though, I just saw her ex-husband and Eddie is a trade up.

    By providence, she’s had more time than little Paris AND the Karassian. 8/

    Although, Lohan has them all as she is almost pre-beet beet @2006JUL18!

    Wow. Time flies and now I feel old. :/

    • That is to weird that u know the dates !!!!!! actually its creepy and maybe u should get a life other than celebrity history !!!!! I feel sad for u :( even if u took the time to google the dates that’s still sad on how u spend your time !!! Maybe u should get out and get a real hobby !!! Good luck !!!!

      • YAY

        My own personal stalker.

        I admit EB has been my guilty pleasure for a few years.

        I looked up those dates because … in another thread a bit back we were discussing the history of EB. Those queries took almost no time at all.

        Of course, the problem with making the “life” shot is … you’re here too, right?

        I like you, Julia, even if no one else does. :)

        Have a great day!

  • Everything she does is to irritate his ex. I think they should just scissor and get it over with. She’s like an MK Ultra Monarch Sex Program Experiment gone bad. Cibrian should have his Handlers card revoked.

  • Just when you think that Leann can’t possibly stoop any lower than what she actually has…her BFF Darrel Brown(the one who sits on twitter and trashes Brandi and threatens bloggers who write unfavorable articles about Leann with lawsuits and C &D) is tweeting that the “real story” is about to come into full light. Not another exclusive “woe is me” interview. So who will be kissing Leann’s behind this time? Oprah? Please I sincerely hope that Oprah didn’t do a exclusive sitdown with Leann and Eddie.

    DB also tweeted that he can’t stop smiling because everything is team leann and that all the things that Leann prayed for and wanted are about to come true. Possiblities: Simon hired Leann as a judge, Leann is pregnant(which is interesting considering that her “friend” Elisa is also pregnant), Leann manipulated the situation so that she won the lawsuit against the teacher, or he is just trying to save face because RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules/SUR are airing new episodes tomorrow.

  • Not sure that Leann would generate enough ratings for Oprah to bother. Maybe if she still had a daily show to fill up. Leann could be “pregnant” then be “not pregnant” with no real personal investment and that would generate a lot of publicity and sympathy. Not sure Simon would hire her. Not sure anyone cares about her enough musically anymore for her to get more people to watch his show. Of course, I don’t know her, and I haven’t done research on her, so my criticism could be undeserved and my view of her lack of appeal incorrect.

  • Such a loser… I imagine her silently following him around the house, draping herself spread eagle over furniture and her life sized Brandi Glanville cut outs, until he decides to give her 38 seconds of quality time. Yeck….

  • Poor Leann. You would think that Leann would be having “steamy sex” with Eddie instead of watching Eddie’s ex-wife on RHOBH and WWHL. Brandi was a guest on WWHL tonight and was asked a question about Leann, Brandi then revealed that Leann watches WWHL. Brandi said “Hi LeLe” and blew her kisses. Because Leann doesn’t watch Brandi’s every move, wants peace, and is too busy having sex with Eddie, , Leann immediately tweets that her “friend” has been sending her texts about WWHL and tweets “kisses KMA”! First of all, didn’t Leann tell ET that she is trying to keep the peace, so why would she send a tweet like that and then to do immediately after Brandi’s comment? Secondly, why is Leann even getting upset considering that she has been on Leno and ET giving interviews about how she slept with Brandi’s husband and is going on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow to sing a song about how she slept with Brandi’s husband? Lastly, WHERE IS EDDIE while Leann is tweeting and watching RHOBH/WWHL? So once again, Eddie is either behind a locked door or somewhere with his mistress.

  • Leann is having yet another manic meltdown on twitter, which is odd because if she and Eddie have sex anytime of day like she told Nancy, why is she tweeting? After outting herself(tweeting immediately after Brandi made a comment on WWHL thus confirming that she watches Brandi), she is now on twitter trying to fix it by tweeting things about charities and MLK quotes. Where is Leann’s publicist?

    What’s also hilarious is that once in a while one of her “fans” will tweet that they are on the waiting list for the tomorrow’s Jimmy K show because it’s sold out. It’s odd that her fans are flocking to Jimmy K to see her when they won’t even flock to Itunes or her concerts to support her.