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That Justin Bieber Paternity Case Is Still Happening

A photo of Mariah Yeater

Just when we’d almost forgotten about Mariah Yeater and the love child she claims she had with Justin Bieber, this girl manages to step back into the lamelight (I honestly meant to type “limelight,” but some typos happen for a reason). And she’s not going to stop until she gets her child support money. Or until she gets properly medicated, whichever comes first.

But here’s the new news: the DNA test results still aren’t in. Justin took the test last November, but Mariah’s lawyer still hasn’t gotten the results, so like, he doesn’t know if Justin ever even did the test. I guess it’s all coming up now because Justin had a year to submit the results? I don’t even know why this is being brought up now, but here’s a lovely statement from Mariah’s lawyer:

“Bieber is either the father or he isn’t. And if he is then he needs to step up to the plate and pay child custody.”

There you have it, friends. That’s all we know, that Justin either is or isn’t the father. We don’t know if Mariah’s lawyer is talking to Justin’s lawyer, or if there are any plans to take further legal action. We just know that Justin is the father of this baby, or he is not.

A source close to Mariah Yeater called this mess “one of the biggest scandals in pop music.” But I’m sure you already understand how very serious this case is. And if you don’t, then Mariah and I have a message for you:

A photo of Mariah Yeater

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