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UPDATED: Here’s a Video of Lindsay’s Arrest, Also, the Chick She Decked

Best part of the video? How she keeps repeating, “Are you kidding me?” as if it’s totally OK in some parallel universe to punch someone in the face even if they do the unthinkable and enter your personal, private space. “Are you kidding me”, Lindsay Lohan? No, I don’t think you are, but alas, you apparently need the education that it’s never OK to lay your hands on someone because U MAD.

And here’s the lady, too:

photo of lindsay lohan pictures
Last, if you thought this incident would pass by discreetly, without Michael Lohan throwing his two cents in, then you’d be just as delusional as Lindsay. No, this is what Michael had to say:

“I told you exactly what would happen and was trying to get Dina on board with me for a long time but especially the last two weeks. If she had, I wish to God, she would stop and resolve things with us to do the same for our children. It’s really sad that the same good people are always there for her and the ones that care are the ones she hurts the most. She is in a dark place, it’s in God’s hands and I hope he deals with her appropriately.”

God, how is it that Michael Lohan ends up looking the best out of all the people in this entire damn family? How is this even real?

Image courtesy of Splash News

Update: Lindsay’s been charged with three additional crimes on the west coast, bringing today’s grand total to four criminal charges. Yup, remember that car accident back in June? Well a Santa Monica County Judge is charging Lindsay with providing false information to a police officer, obstruction of justice, and reckless driving. Oh my God, what a f-cking mess. For Lindsay. For those who say it’s time for her comeuppance (i.e., pretty much everyone else?), here it comes, riding on a big crack train.

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