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Kate Gosselin Is Still A Great Mom

A photo of Kate Gosselin

Sarcasm is so, so great you guys. I love it so dearly. See, I said that Kate Gosselin is still a great mom, but if you know anything about Kate Gosselin, you know that she’s shown some signs of being kind of a shitty mom sometimes. So what I actually meant was that Kate Gosselin has done something else to show that she is not a great mom, but I used sarcasm in the headline, just ’cause. Isn’t that great?

Ok, but listen: Kate Gosselin left her kids with Kendra Wilkinson, some teenage girl, and some camera crew this one time. And no, I don’t get it either.

Kate Gosselin has once again proven she’s not exactly the mother of the year, according to author Robert Hoffman, who famously wrote a controversial ‘anti-Kate’ e-book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, only to have it pulled off Amazon two days later after a legal challenge from two powerful law firms.

In a blistering new blog posted Wednesday, Hoffman, a reporter who’s also a pal of Kate’s ex Jon Gosselin, claims sources told him that the former reality TV star turned Dancing with the Stars contestant “left her eight children alone with Kendra Wilkinson, who formed a company to market her own sex tape, as well as a strange camera crew and a college-age babysitter (Ashley), for a week while she went off with her own personal babysitter to film an episode of a new reality show tentatively called ‘Mom Swap.’”

Hoffman goes on to charge that “the Gosselin children were scared and very confused, having no idea who their new mom-for-a-week was, or why they were left alone with her to be filmed by strangers.”

Hoffman maintains that the kids were only told that the former Playboy hottie was on Dancing with the Stars, like their mom. He also claims the kids “were instructed not to speak a word about it to anyone at school or anywhere else.”

The author ends his blog by saying, “I’m not sure how much more psychological damage Kate can do to these poor children, but she sure looks like she’s willing to sink to new depths to get her face back on television.”

Yeah, this guy obviously hates Kate, but this is such a Kate thing to do, isn’t it? Of course she would leave her kids with a bunch of strangers so she could film a reality show. I’m not even questioning this story. Of course she did this. Kate Gosselin would drop her kids off at a witch’s house in the forest if it meant she’d be free to try and get famous again.

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  • I think its funny that everyone disses Kate for leaving her kids with Kendra Wilkinson, and a known caregiver but no one thinks that little Hank Baskett jr was worse off for having Kate stand in for the week. People just love to hate her. She is a better mom to her 8 well-mannered, clean, cute kids, than some mothers are to their one small child.

  • Poor woman. Seriously. EIGTH kids to take care of? Really, I think she’s great. People are just mean and judgmental towards her but try to raise one kid, let alone EIGHT. It must be hard. Her husband is a coward. She at least is fighting for her children, making money the way she can for them. Not easy to be in her position. So, yes, she’s not perfect but she’s a great mom.