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Kendra Wilkinson

4Is Kendra Wilkinson pulling a Tori Spelling?

hank baskett kendra wilkinson

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott decided to try and make some cash off the fact that Dean can’t keep it in his pants, so they filmed a reality show about their marriage and made themselves look even worse in the process. Now it seems like Kendra Wilkinson might be following in their footsteps, as she plans on covering her marriage problems with Hank Baskett on the show – because in case you missed the news, he was apparently messing around with a transsexual prostitute while she was pregnant with their second kid.

From People:

A source close to Kendra on Top, Wilkinson’s reality show on WE tv, said the star won’t leave fans out of the loop following news that her husband Hank Baskett cheated on her earlier this year with a transsexual.

“Hank and Kendra are fully engaged in the show,” the source said. “People who want to see the two of them will definitely see the two of them. The cameras have been rolling. Viewers will get to see everything.”

Ay carumba. Does anyone really care about the sordid details of their relationship? Do THEY not care about keeping anything private? I seriously wonder what’s wrong with people. It seems privacy is an outdated notion in 2014.

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July 22, 2014 at 8:00 am by Jennifer

0Kendra Wilkinson reveals baby name

kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to her second child with husband Hank Baskett earlier this month, but we didn’t know the baby girl’s name… until now, that is. The birth certificate has been obtained by TMZ (of course), and Kendra and Hank gave their daughter a rather holy name this time around, it seems.

kendra wilkinson birth certificate

In case you can’t read the small print, the baby’s name is Alijah Mary Baskett. Alijah is apparently the female version of Elijah, which means “The Lord is my God”. Cute, I guess? Kendra is an awesome mom, though, judging by some comments she’s made about parenting in the past, though, so congrats to the happy couple.

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May 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Jennifer

0Is Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant Again?

kendra wilkinson hank baskett

Kendra Wilkinson has never been shy about saying she wants to have another child with her husband, Hank Baskett. The pair are parents to a 3-year-old son, Hank Jr, but she’s been wanting to expand the family for a while now, and rumour has it that she’s going to do just that in seven months time.

From US Weekly:

Baby No. 2 is on the way! Kendra Wilkinson is expecting her second child with husband Hank Baskett, a source exclusively confirms to Us Weekly. The reality star and former Playboy model, 28, is around eight weeks pregnant.

Wilkinson and the 31-year-old former NFL player, who wed in June 2009, are already parents to son Hank Baskett IV, almost 4. “She and Hank have been planning a second baby for a while,” the insider tells Us, “and they are very excited.”

Aw, that’s nice. That’s literally all I have to say about this. She wanted another kid and she’s getting one and that’s really nice for them. Kendra has always seemed super into being a mom (and slightly less exploitative of it than, say, Kim Kardashian), so happy baby having to all.

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October 18, 2013 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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3WTF? Kendra Wilkinson Had A Stroke

kendra wilkinson yoga

Kendra Wilkinson, of Playboy fame, apparently suffered a minor stroke when she was in that car accident back in April. At the time, reports were that while the accident was bad, Wilkinson wasn’t seriously injured. But now a source is telling E! News something a little different (though they’re saying she’s okay now). Via E Online:

E! News has exclusively learned that the reality star suffered a “minor stroke” during the collision. Doctors made the discovery through CT scans just days after the terrifying ordeal.

But according to those close to the outspoken blonde, she has since recovered and is well.

“They told her to take it easy and chill out for a couple of weeks, but she is fine,” a source says. “There is nothing to worry about.”

That still sounds terrifying. She’s only 28. I didn’t know that anyone could have a stroke so young without an underlying condition.

The accident happened on the 101 freeway and was a head-on collision. She’s lucky it wasn’t worse.

“People are afraid to merge on the freeways in Los Angeles.” — Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero.

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September 26, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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2Want To Know How Much Celebs Get Paid Per Tweet?

kim kardashian with long bangs

Kim Kardashian is always tweeting about something inane. Sometimes she’ll try to tweet about a product without it being incredibly obvious that they’re asking her to. But it’s always obvious. Lohan has been doing her own product endorsement, although the company claims they are not paying her.

And yes, apparently some celebs get paid to tweet about companies and products — even the D-list celebs. The more followers/famous the celeb, the more money they can command per tweet. For example, Kim Kardashian can get (allegedly) around $20,000 per tweet. Frankie Muniz can only get $252. (Nelson Muntz laugh here.)

Curious about Snooki and Jared Leto‘s asking prices? Click to see (stats from Huffington Post).


May 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

1Ouch! Kendra Wilkinson Is Rushed to Hospital After Car Accident

kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is pretty inoffensive as far as celebrities go, and I’ve always had a bit of a “meh” spot for her (that’s one step above soft spot), so I got a little worried for a hot minute when I read that she’d been rushed to the hospital after a car accident on Sunday. Don’t worry – she’s okay!

From US Weekly:

Kendra Wilkinson was taken to the hospital following a bad car accident in LA’s Tarzana neighborhood, Us Weekly can confirm. The Girls Next Door alum, 27, was spotted going into Providence Tarzana Medical Center early in the day on April 21.

A source tells Us that Wilkinson — wife of former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett III and mom to son Hank Baskett IV, 3 — was “in shock” and “really sore” after the accident. Doctors examined her to determine what the damage was to her body and whether she had broken any bones, but it appears her injuries were not serious.

“She was taken in earlier,” a second source tells Us of the former Playboy model. “She was discharged already.”

A rep for the star did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I’m glad Kendra’s okay, but this just furthers my argument that cars are dangerous killing machines that I may never learn how to drive (kidding – it’s my goal for 2013!).
April 22, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer
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