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Kendra Wilkinson won’t leave her cheating husband

kendra wilkinson hank baskett

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been having quite a few marriage problems lately. And by “problems”, I mean “Hank cheated on Kendra repeatedly while she was pregnant with a transsexual prostitute”, so… there’s that. While most women would be fed up and kick his dumb ass to the curb, Kendra’s standing by her man, because apparently he treats her like gold.

From Radar Online:

Despite Wilkinson’s recent admissions that she believed Radar’s reports about his affair with a transsexual, the reality star told Extra host AJ Calloway that she won’t be divorcing him.

“I do believe Hank and I will survive this,” she said. “I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s just too amazing… I’d be stupid… I’d be so dumb to divorce him right now and see him with another girl… I mean come on… he treats me like a queen.”

The statements echoed comments she made earlier this week to Giuliana Rancic. “[Hank] deserves forgiveness,” she said. “I’m willing to spend the rest of my life to figure this out rather than spending one night single without Hank in my life.”

UHHHHH… Yes, when you’re repeatedly cheated on in your marriage, that’s definitely being treated like a queen. What the fuck kinda royalty are you, girl? You need to love yourself.

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  • Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on me twice, shame on me for being the fucking idiot who stayed.

  • I am all for staying in a marriage where one is not being abused, but to me this serial cheating is abuse. Kendra needs to set a better example for her children (both boy and girl) so they are never in this place. I got left and I know how hard it is to move on with young children (and I had nowhere Kendra’s resources) and I made it…so come on Kendra, have some self respect.

  • They’re in an open relationship and are just milking this for drama/money/publicity. She was literally a whore before getting married, so she’s used to this. No joke.