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Here’s the Trailer for Brad Pitt’s New Movie, ‘World War Z’

OK, so reason number one this movie’s entirely unrealistic: Brad Pitt is way too good-looking for his movie-wife. She’s pretty alright, but she’s definitely kind of plain. She’s a plain Jane, and it just doesn’t fit. Which probably means she’s going to die in the first fifteen minutes of the movie, like Will Smith’s wife did in that other zombie movie, ‘I Am Legend’.

Two? I feel like the first thirty seconds of the clip is a badly-filmed PSA for safe city driving. Or bicycling. Like, “Hey, watch your ass on that bike, young man, or a buff and hot Brad Pitt’s going to come and kick your ass.” Or something.

Three? Brad Pitt’s character’s name is Jerry. Or Gerry. Actually, come to think of it, it’s probably Gerry, because Gerry is way, way worse than Jerry. Sorry, Gerrys.

Four. Is his boss’s name Terry? Seriously?

Last—whatever. I’m still totally going to see it. It’s got action, Brad Pitt, disaster on a global scale, and explosions. In short, it’s going to be a masterpiece, not unlike that of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, which had action, Dennis Quaid, disaster on a global scale, and explosions. Oh, and snow.

And also, God, Brad Pitt is so hot.

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  • Pfffft. World War Z is among the best zombie books out there and I was really hoping the film makers would do it justice. This shit looks like it’s going to be more Resident Evil.

  • What a load of TOSS. World War Z is one of my favourite books because of how well-written it is and how realistic it is. The book happens after the war, and it interviews people from all over the world asking how they made it through the war. It’s not set in fucking New York, not even in the US. I’m so sick of all these films being set in the US to appease the American audiences, even books that do not happen there. The only way in which this film resembles the book is the title. Well fucking done.

      • Ha! Perhaps, Chaz. Plus, the trailer shows they shoot them and the book makes it clear that they resist bullets? Ugh. Anyway, I really recommend the book, so if you can you should totally read it :)

      • Perhaps you’ve overlooked the fact that there is a “learning curve” associated with zombie extermination….. Most people I know would shoot first & conventional lore contends that the way to stop a zombie is to destroy the brain…. I will check out the books soon… I am now reading Conversations with myself by Mandela and re-reading gravitys rainbow by pynchon. It along with moby dick and huck finn are books I re-read once a year.

      • Yes, I hope it’s just my freaking out and they do show that learning curve! Enjoy your reads, I bet you do since you read them once a year (that’s so cool, btw!).

  • I’m with Mireee and Chaz… I’ll read the book and take a skip on this movie. Maybe get it out of a Redbox, but bad movie adaptions piss me off.

  • I actually watched them filming part of this as the city parts were filmed in my home town (Glasgow, Scotland pretending to be Philadelphia) It was a big deal having The Pittster in town not to mention American street signs, traffic lights and yellow cabs. Not sure how the movie’s going to be though, it’s had so many problems. And Brad’s movie wife is Mirreille Enos who starred in AMC’s “The Killing”. She can look plain or pretty – she’s actually really pretty in real life.

    • Yeaah I remember when the filmed Captain America in Manchester, they had half the city centre cut off for traffic for like three days, and they covered all the road signs and put in American stuff.