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Ugh, LeAnn Rimes Adopted A Dog

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

I don’t mean “ugh, LeAnn Rimes adopted a dog” like it’s a stupid thing to do or anything. I mean “ugh, LeAnn Rimes adopted a dog” because it’s actually a sweet story, and it makes me a little upset that I had a positive thought about LeAnn Rimes.

Here’s the story from People:

The surprise addition joined Rimes, husband Eddie Cibrian, and Cibrian’s sons – Mason, 9, and Jake, 5 – after a very rough morning: the puppy was abandoned in traffic on a busy street in the Los Angeles area.

After seeing a Tweet from friend Karla Hoffman, who picked up the dog after seeing it get discarded, Rimes asked to meet the puppy.

The 5-lb., approximately 8-month-old dog fit right in. “We ALL fell in love at first sight,” Rimes writes on her blog. “Even our doggies welcomed her instantly.”

Mason named the puppy Eveie, a moniker he had been saving “for his little sister so he says,” Rimes writes. “Mason says she came just in time for Thanksgiving.”

“She’s brought a ton of joy into our home in just the few hours she’s been with us,” Rimes adds. “Eveie has a new home and family and we have a new love!”

And, of course, little Eveie herself:

Goddamnit, LeAnn. Don’t make me cry. Don’t you do it.

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  • This wasn’t a sweet story. It was just another attempt to get attention. And once again it worked. Instead of calling her out the media falls for it again just like the fake rehab stories.

    Here are the problems with Leann’s “LOOK AT ME” dog story:

    Leann’s adoption of this dog come after Lisa gave an interview on Tuesday about how Brandi took in her dogs and RHOBH talked about how Brandi adopted her dogs. So as usual, it’s another single white female moment.

    Notice how much emphasize Leann is putting on Brandi’s son. Brandi expressed concern in an interview to AH about how public Leann is about her kids and how Leann uses the kids to gloat about how she “won”. And just as expected, after that interview Leann goes crazy tweeting and blogging about Brandi’s kids. How come when Leann gets criticism for being so public about Brandi’s kids, Leann responds by posting about the kids even more? Strange Leann did all this on Wed and it’s now being reported on Monday, which means when the media wouldn’t pick up her story she took it to them.

    She used the dog story to fuel pregnancy rumors. She just had to talk about how Eddie’s son(the same one who always looks miserable when he is photographed with Leann and Eddie) supposedly gave the dog the name, but not just any name, the name that he supposedly picked out for his little sister. Why is Leann so childish?

    Eddie is cheating on Leann so now she thinks giving the dog Eddie’s last name will convince people that all is well in their marriage. See, Eddie’s not leaving Leann and they have a new dog with Eddie’s last name to prove it. Why is she always speaking for Eddie and his kids? Eddie was off with his mistress so we know that he didn’t fall in love with the dog right away.

    This story is leading up to her next pr stunt. Leann is gearing up to exploit a sick child because what matters most is that everyone see her and Eddie out and about together holding hands to prove that their marriage isn’t over. She released the dog story and then she is going to release the sick kid at Disneyland story complete with staged photo-ops.

    It’s a ploy for sympathy. Her interview with Katie and fake rehab generated negative feedback articles in tabloids last week. So she needs another platform. Cue an “abandoned” dog and add in Brandi’s son. Now people will buy her album and single because she did this good deed for the dog and she has her stepson’s approval!

    Is anyone else wondering if Eviee is a woman that Eddie meet on the set Hot In Cleveland? Leann is the queen of single white femaling. The media needs to check the make up artist or extra list for that show for a person by that name because there is a reason Leann is going on about the name Eveie and it has nothing to do with Brandi’s son naming his little sister.

    Why is Leann even talking to Brandi’s kids about a pregnancy when Eddie refused to tell them about Leann’s rehab stint?

  • When you google the cast for Hot In Cleveland, this is what comes up Jane Leeves, she used to play Daphe on Fraiser. EVEIE is an anagram of Jane Leeves’ lastname. Remove the S, Leann replaced the L in her lastname with an I and put it between the Es, and then reverse it, you come up with EVEIE. Leann makes a mockery of the media every time. They are printing this dog story and all they had to do was go through the names of Eddie’s castmates on Hot In Cleveland. So Leann is single white femaling Jane Leeves? Why? Why would Leann think that Eddie is hooking up with Jane Leeves on the set?

  • I figured out why Leann targeted Jane Levees and used her lastname to make an anagram for their dog’s name( LEEVES=LEEVE=IEEVE=EIEVE=EVEIE). Eddie is playing the love interest of Jane Levees’ character on Hot In Cleveland.

    “Eddie Cibrian will be quite literally Hot in Cleveland, playing a firefighter in a pair of Season 4 episodes. TVLine has learned exclusively that the alum of series such as CSI: Miami, The Playboy Club and Third Watch (where, yes, he also played a firefighter) will guest-star on the hit TV Land comedy as Joy’s (Jane Leeves) dream man, an animal-loving, sexy fireman.”

    Once again the media got played by Leann. It’s sad that Leann Eddie’s affairs have driven Leann to think that she literally is in competition with any woman he comes in contact with. This dog story is Leann’s way of trying to prove to Eddie that she is more of an animal lover than Jane Levee’s character and that he should pick her and not Jane. Why doesn’t Leann just divorce Eddie? This single white femaling of other women must be killing Leann.

    • This is what I mean. CranAppleSnapple starts all this mess and then she plays the victim.Posting photos calling people a nutbar only makes you look silly. If you can’t stand what people say about Leann, then don’t read it. So you are upset because people firgured out that Leann lied and that she named the dog by using an anagram of Jane Leeves lastname who is playing Eddie’s love interest on Hot In Cleveland because she thinks that Eddie is sleeping with Jane Leeves?

      Thanks for posting the photos and showing everyone just how immature you are!

    • Cas, thats hilarious!! After seeing the response from “guest” I wish you had found an image of a used tampon or something!!

      • @CHAZ

        Your post says it all. Now what type of person would even go there by suggesting someone post a photo of a used tampon? Doesn’t that make you a nutbar like CAS suggested? You remind me of that one Leann fan(AM) who used to call people tampons when he couldn’t come up with anything to defend Leann. Thanks for confirming that I was right on the track! Something just isn’t right about this CAS poster!

      • Wow…. You’re a might touched in the head, seek professional held immediately. It’s like you’re a Rimes-savant or something. I’m thinking you have a wall covered with Leann pictures, and you’ve painstakingly cut out the eyes and added little captions to them… Perhaps you should call Ike Nash, he’s a frequent poster on this site… He seems to be your kind of bat-shit crazy!!

  • As super far-fetched as conspiracy theoryesque as your posts read, I’m actually totally inclined to believe you are right on the money. Meann Rimes scares the bejeebus out of me and I only hope she doesn’t one day take a fancy to my partner and kids.

  • @CHAZ

    My kind? Says the person who thought it would be funny to post photos of a used tampon. It’s you who is touched in the head, bat-shit crazy, and needs to seek professional help immediately. You were made the comment about the used tampon out loud, so don’t get mad because your own words are now being used to show just what a nutbar you are. What exactly did you think was going to happen when you posted that comment? Did you really think that people would think it was funny?

    It’s like you’re a anti-Rimes-savant or something. I’m thinking you have a wall covered with pictures of those who don’t like Leann, and you’ve painstakingly cut out the eyes and added little captions to them…taping photos of used tampons to them like you suggested to CAS.

    So once again CHAZ/CAS starts trouble and then throws a tantrum when his own words are used against him. You would think that considering what CAS/CHAZ did two threads ago that he would know that this wasn’t going to work in his favor.

    • Yes, your kind. I can just imagine you, hunched over the keyboard typing like you’ve been possessed, stamping your feet, actual steam coming out of your ears. Get the wad out of your panties, take a Midol, and give Ike a call. Hell, who knows…if you’re lucky Ike will write you a screenplay or a song!

      • And the sad part is that just like CAS you lack insight. You are in no position to criticize anyone when you are writing posts about used tampons. I can just imagine you, hunched over the keyboard typing like you’ve been possessed, stamping your feet, actual steam coming out of your ears. Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine it because we can see it.

        What does this have to do with Midol and panties being in a wad? You made a post about a used tampon and when called out on how that makes you a nutbar, you play the victim and resort to name calling. You can keep making posts calling me names just like you do when you post as CAS, but it’s not going to erase the fact that you were the one who made the post about wanting to see used tampons.

        So IKE is another person who you stalk!

        So CAS/CHAZ, how long are you going to go this time?

      • Sorry folks, I knew better than to feed the trolls… Mea culpa!!! Just a quick FYI, this is the only site I post on, and Cas I are not the same person. Sarah, Emily…. My apologies!! Guest, I hope you have a nice evening…. Btw, you might have the Dr. up your Thorazine script!

  • @CHAZ

    YOU and “CAS” are the trolls. Go back to what you wrote. What type of person writes posts about used tampons? TROLLS. What type of person indirectly resorts to name calling by posting photos because they don’t like what people are saying about their idol? A TROLL. Look at how you are trolling now, and you want people to believe that you don’t do this other places? There was a Leann fan who had an obsession with used tampons. What are the odds that a “different” poster would show up making those very same posts about used tampons today?

    So that is why you are making posts about used tampons and going berserk because the nutbar post you made as CAS was applied to the posts you are leaving as CHAZ, your Thorazine script needs to be upped. Why do people like CHAZ think that they are being funny when they make references to meds and Thorazine? All that tells everyone is that they know so much about Thorazine because he is taking it.

    Based on your actions, Leann and her fans are not having a nice evening. Did something bad happen because her fans are very agitated this evening?

  • @CHAZ

    “Chlorpromazine(thorazine) is also used to treat severe behavior problems such as explosive, aggressive behavior and hyperactivity in children 1-12 years of age.”

    This explains your fascination with used tampons!

  • The only sensible, articulate person posting about this article is guest, who correctly predicted the ‘LeAnn gushes about kids with staged photos’ scenario. LeAnn tweeted the poor little kiddy pix an hour ago.
    The other posters are LeAnn’s blinkered enablers.

    • What’s more disturbing is that come Monday or even Sunday the media is going to be gushing over Leann’s twitpics of herself with the kids just like they all fell for this story about her “rescuing” the dog. She pulls these stunts everytime she needs to release an album or single and everytime the media falls for it.

    • Eddie doesn’t have a type. Eddie slept with Leann and she was far from his type. Did you see the photos of Eddie and Lizzy(Leann’s BFF) on the dock during their lake vacation? Popsugar has photos of Lizzy with her legs open and Eddie is standing over smiling. I thought that Jane was older than Eddie too, but on Hot In Cleveland she is playing Eddie’s love interest. Eddie must have gotten really excited during his kissing scenes with Jane!

  • And the winner is…The Dailymail. Leann selected The Dailymail to write the first fluffpiece about her “Leann is a nice person because she helps kids…now buy her album!” staged photo-op and twitpics from Saturday. She isn’t pimping the Disneyworld trip as much as I thought she would. I only saw one of her mouthpieces writing about Disneyworld, but she sure is pimping the kids from her “meet and greet” on Saturday like crazy. But are we surprised by the fact that Leann is bombarding the internet with photos of herself with “needy” kids? Not at all. RHOBH which features Brandi airs tomorrow. Her peers in the music industry were invited to attend the MTV EMAs, while she was not. The dog pr stunt drew a lot of criticism. Her fans are upset because despite what the articles are saying, she isn’t doing the meet and greets, only talking to reporters.

    The sad part of The Dailymail’s story is that the staged photo-op and twitpics with the kids look very contrived and forced. The kids have this look of confusion on their face like they have no idea who Leann is or why they are being asked to take the photo with her.