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Children’s Services Paid A Visit to The Kardashian House

A photo of Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner

I know it’s hard to remember, what with the constant fame whoring of her older daughters, but Kris Jenner is still the mother of two teenage girls. Kendall Jenner is 16, and little Kylie is 15. Earlier this year, Kris pulled them out of high school so they could get started on making some real money (that actually happened – they both model now, and they’re “homeschooled”), and now, she’s been reported for abuse.

From Radar:

The Los Angeles County of Department of Children and Family Services and cops made a welfare check to Bruce and Kris Jenner’s Calabasas mansion after someone made an anonymous call alleging that their daughters, Kendall and Kylie were in distress, is exclusively reporting.

“On Friday several sheriff’s deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lost Hills station and social workers from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services made an unexpected visit to Bruce and Kris Jenner’s house after someone made an anonymous call that their daughters were in danger and in distress,” a law enforcement source told RadarOnline.comexclusively.

“Social workers met with the girls individually and determined that they were fine but out of an abundance of caution, cops and social workers will be making another visit to the house Monday afternoon before they officially close the case. Under California law, anytime a call is made to DCFS alleging that a minor is in danger, whether of physical or emotional abuse, it must be investigated.”

There’s no word yet on how yesterday’s visit went, but you know nothing happened, because Kendall and Kylie aren’t being abused. They’re being pimped: subtle difference.

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  • is thrut this people doing all just for money,and its isy way to sale,body and that market,of course they going to see is ok ,,hello money,money ,money and is that best this family have.and company ,body sale business .com

  • Wow…it’s interesting how the Kardashian call gets followed up on instantly while regular people fall through the cracks.

    • Catalina,
      So true, I mean there are thousands of cases backed up in Los Angeles County alone, it’s sad that their BS was answered so quickly, and a few miles away a child is being beat for not cleaning properly

  • I think someone thought the house was a house of prostitution which it is so of course the police could arrest KJ for pimping!

  • What a way to build a career! They’re not old enough to have a figure yet, or be managed by their mother so she can get her 10% empire! This really raws me! to think that she’s gotten by with making her other 3 daughters tramps and now working on the last2.And If a normal every day person were to do this with their kids they would say it’s child labor violation and we’d be sitting under the jail. She’s mad a fortune by her ex husbands name,no one knew whom the Kardashians were til he was involved in the O.J. Simpson’s case. That’s sad. Now, that the two girls have gotten pregant out of wed lock she sits and praises them for their imoral actions and doesn’t care that young people are into watching this and not a good role model for them. It’s all about Money. Wish Bruce would get away from her, she treats him badly like not putting his photo on the wall with the other family members and other episodes they brought on like, the Todd affair, and the Khloe issue they bring all this on theirselves and the only thing tht keeps them in the lilmelight is knowing people like KLG.that repeatly gets them in front of the camera.

    • Actually one daughter got pregnant 2 times out of wedlock. The other one is in fact married, just not to the published father, either way its all rather distasteful.

      • sorry but i don’t think you have to be married to have a family you can be committed to someone and have kids marriage is just a piece of paper nothing more nothing less. having a baby while being married is not good but i’m sure she would like to be divorced but it takes time to get divorced if the other is causing it to happen. and if you don’t think its true oh well not everybody thinks that way like me i know people who never married had kids and are happy and been together for years and people married with kids and are miserable fight and don’t get along and are on the verge of divorce its not the fact if your parents are married that make good home its that fact that the parents are committed and happy together with there kids

    • debbie, I totally agree with you. You forgot to mention the only reason they are really famous is because Kim fucked Ray J and the video got leaked out. They are only famous because of a sex tape. If that was one of us we wouldn’t be that famous. People with “real” talent need to be recognized. Ok they have Dash, yay for them , they’re business women. But, still no need to be this damn famous. Everybody wanted Kim on promoting their product simply because she fucked Brandy’s brother, Ray J. He father was a high paid lawyer, he was one of the lawyers on a very publicized case, so why the hell are they all so famous?? Kris is pimping the shit out of her girls. As long as they all work, she continues to get paid. Being their mom/manager, she is in all of their business all of the time. She almost has total control of their lives. Let them grow up and be individuals. I’m glad my mother isn’t in all my business, I’ not in hers either and I don’t want to be. She is too damn controlling. I’m surprised none of them have rebelled against her yet. It will happen give it time.

      • Kim was flawless compared to Farrah!!! LMAO. We should admire her skill and large fortune…doing it, doing it, doing it well!

  • There’s always some busy body without any sense. My friends Dad fell in which an ambulance was called and firemen also showed and grand baby whom likes to run around in undies ran outside to see what happened to Pa Pa. The fireman thought it was too cold for little one running around like that and called CPS.>

  • Why do we care if those girls are making money as models they are very pretty young ladys so what if they are just as long as they still do their school work and they will why do we care I say YOU GO GIRLS people need to leave the Kardashians alone and STOP all the hate or maybe it is some thing else just saying

      • No kidding, Linda! It would make for much better reading if people would take a minute to proof read and correct what they have written. Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and spelling errors abound on reader commentaries. Where did you people go to school. Or did you??

      • Linda, you are definitely part of the problem with our society. Cathie’s statement made sense. It is not gibberish; and is a refreshing, positive, non-jealous sentiment, and I LIKE it. Maybe if you got your head out of your #$$ you would see to read more clearer. AND WOMAN bag those ugly green eyes of yours. They do you no good.

      • And the “Clearer” in my statement to Linda was for you, muppet33@gmail. To poke fun abound at another expressing their opinion does not make you look intelligent. It makes you look like an old school hag. Just sayin!

    • I agree Cathie. Most models are around their age and how do you not know this ppl. I think ppl are jealous and don’t have a life so they are just haters. Sheesh…quit hating and you might find some happiness in your own life. Get a life (your own preferably) and really get the truth instead of talking out your a****! I’m not a big fan but I have a life and I am happy for them if this is what they choose. These shows are edited so you don’t always see everything. Kourtney had 2 babies out of wedlock as do 3/4 of our population. That was her choice! I have seen interviews with the 2 youngest and this is their choice….they are lucky to have a choice. That is their path…find your own all you haters!! I find that most haters are lazy ppl that have nothing better to do than sit on their a**** and search the web all day so they can rip ppl. We have the privilege of freedom of speech but why do you haters not use it to spread sunshine instead of gloom. Personally, I think that you haters are jealous. Nothing more, nothing less. I watch the show for entertainment. Sometimes I can’t believe what they do or say but they are human and I really enjoy the show at other times. I’m personally glad I’m not a Kardashian so that makes me happy. I can’t get over how you still read about them and watch their show if you really feel this way. That is time you will never get back. Is it really worth it to you?

  • Wasn’t it the girls who contacted the school for homeschooling? They did so bc THEY wanted to work & felt that they were falling behind in their traditional school…..ssssoooo, how is “mom pimping them out”? They aren’t hookers for cryin out loud, they are modeling. But, for all the hows where there are kids I bet you think their moms are “pimping them out” too huh?

  • Oh the joys of watching and following the trainwreck that is the Kardashian family! One daughter pregnant out of wedlock. One daughter still legally married to one man while pregnant with another’s baby (and they are NOT married and cannot GET married until her divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized). One daughter in a cheating scandal. On and on, ad nauseum. These two young girls are living in this type of environment, watching their sisters act like the money hungry whores they appear to be, their mother encourages it and their father seems confused by all of it. Yep, welcome to their world ( or is it nightmare?). They see this as acceptable behavior. I’d call DCS on that family too.

    • The difference between their family and yours is they are famous and they are honest….what is your excuse? Ppl hide in their houses but they too have children pregnant out of wedlock, along with all the other problems. I personally praise them for letting their lives out there! In my opinion that is being more honest than most ppl that aren’t in the limelight. Kim went on with her life and I don’t blame her. Kanye (I don’t care for at all) has been in her life for many many many years. I wouldn’t sit around waiting for Kris to get on with his life either. Ppl….we only live once…why would she want to waste it waiting for Kris to grow the heck up. I admire ppl that don’t let other ppl run their lives. They are doing what they want to do and good for them to not listen to the haters in the world. If they left and we didn’t hear from them again who would you hate then? I know….another reality entertainer. JEALOUSY….plain and simple!

    • I’m not quite sure why I read the comments this far down – what a waste this family is. They are so lost. They could do so much good with their fame and money but rather they promote immoral garbage. People do make mistakes but these actions are intentional and are generated for publicity – and money. Trainwreck. Very apt description. They do what they want because of their sense of entitlement. It’s a shame that the childrens’ services are so busy they can’t make it to all the reported cases – but don’t think for a moment that an entitled and wealthy family won’t get more attention than one who is less fortunate. Case in point is this story. The only reason everybody is reacting is because they know the name. What are the odds there would be this many ‘sentimental’ comments by people who pretend to be sympathetic for someone they don’t know – and who could care less about them except for the publicity and money crap like this generates. Talk about an identity crisis. Wow… — I would also like to mention the total misuse of the word ‘whom’ that I have seen in other previous comments. Geez.

  • And, just to add a side note: I have a double major, Psychology and Sociology with a minor in World History. I wouldn’t want that family coming to ME for help…I’d probably jump out of the nearest window. And, let me also say this: I cannot understand some of what you who have responded are saying and I am questioning if it is even English. PLEASE use spellcheck/ autocorrect/ a grammar book, they are there for that reason. If you cannot use proper English/ grammar you are going to appear uneducated and stupid and no one will want to read your thoughts.

    • And, just a side note to you Meghan: you obviously aren’t qualified to help “that family” if they did come to you; But, please do go jump out that window you were referring to. Someone with a as much psych knowledge as you apparently have, is not a safe thing. Did they teach you that on-line?

  • I would and do not believe you have any Psych or Sociology behind you. There are better words to use instead of “Whore” don’t you think. I hope to god you never try and fix anyone. I think you failed and you are mad at the world. I guess you are an English major as well? LMAO
    You aren’t a very happy person are you? Such words you use. Try a Thesaurus you might sound a little more credible.

  • First: I’m not the only one who used the word whore- there are other people on here who used worse to describe them. Second: how would you know what someone who has Psychology and Socialogy would write like to the point that you don’t believe I have that background? Third: I am not the only one who commented on the grammar and spelling. Why are you so concerned about ME? I will say this: you sound as if you suffer from hero worship/idolization and are upset and defensive that someone had the audacity to insult a family that you admire/ wish you were. Lastly: GOD should be CAPITALIZED (yes, I also majored in English before switching to Psych/Sociology, so you are,at least, right about that). Get off my back and go pester someone else who posted- since there are others. Bless your heart :)

      • I truly am NOT a high school student, though I DO wish I could be that young again. Your language is horrible and pathetic….perhaps YOU are the high schooler, yes? The word retard is unacceptable and is a form of bullying. You could be reported for that. I am a well educated, grammatically correct, 28 year old. I have double majors (did you read that in my previous post? CAN you read?) and a minor that I worked VERY hard to earn. I will not tolerate someone saying that I am in high school or that I am lying. But, I digress. If you have nothing that makes sense to say (obviously, you don’t ), then your presence is not welcome. Make an intelligent comment, clean your language up (perhaps your mommy could wash your mouth with soap?) and grow up. Perhaps then your comments will be heard by the adults.

  • It is amazing how social services responded to this when in real life alot of cases get “lost” . Sounds like more PR for Kris. Ok Kris, you got the attention you need. Now go away!

  • I wonder how long it is before we hear that one of those poor girls I gonna end up like Gia, Strung out on drugs just trying to stay young and beautiful. It is really sad that we are letting these people trendsend to our children and allow the fact that society is putting this before our childrens education.

  • Besides the fact the two younger girls ARE being pimped out by Kris; (what a horrible excuse for a mother) I feel the need to point out both the younger girls are not both beautiful. One is just “average”; the other some-what prettier; but far from Cindy Crawfords; etc; or any Victorias Secret model you see. A smart mom would keep them in school. What a money hungry bitch. Bruce needs to man up also; but looks like Kris calls ALL the shots. Sad…

  • So every young girl who starts modeling around 15 are getting pimped out???….and I’m assuming none of you had sex before marriage and are complete saints right??
    Some people…
    I do agree that the kardashians are a little ridiculous…lol

    • yeah, they are a little over the top, but I don’t see why so many people talk so much crap about them when they don’t know them personally. If people really think that everything they see on reality tv is “real”, then they are the stupid ones. The show makes them look a certain way because they know they will get the ratings they want. Kris does come off as being overwhelming and kinda of intrusive to her kids lives, but she is the manager of most of their reality careers. She does what she does to make sure that they will always have everything they want. She is doing what she thinks is the best for them. Some probably thinks she only cares about the money, but that isn’t true. They are a very close family. They all know what’s happening with each other all the time. The only difference between this family and a lot of other familys is that they are on national tv all the time. People just hate them because they figured out how to make a lot of money showing the world what their family does in every situation.

  • This is just ridiculous. These girls are not being abused mentally, physically, or emotionally. Im so sick of everyone putting this family down because of them being on a reality show. At least they are proud of who they are. They are a close family who found a way to be together and make a lot of money doing so. Most of the people who don’t like them, only hate them because of them being able to make so much money doing reality TV and becoming so well known. Obviously for every hater out there, there must be 2 people who love them or they wouldn’t make so much money.
    What pisses me off is that so much energy went into them going to check and make sure that these teenage girls weren’t being abused or weren’t in “distress”. For god sake they are 15 and 16, what teenage girls do you know that aren’t going thru some kind of “distress” in their lives. And it isn’t because of the parents. These girls have everything they ever wanted and everything that is needed in order to grow and learn properly. They both love modeling and they are well on their way to having great careers in modeling. They also are both very smart girls. (which im sure all the haters don’t know). Yes Kris Jenner can be a littler overwhelming when it comes to managing her kids careers, but at least she cares enough to make sure that they are going to have everything they ever wanted. She isn’t a bad mother. I know I would rather have her as a mother then a lot of the mothers out there today.
    The thing that pisses me off about the wasted time of the cops and social workers is that if there was a call made to them about a family in a poor neighborhood or “ghetto” type neighborhood then it would not have went down that way. People just want to try and ruin peoples lives by making crap up. Do you know how many kids die every year or run away and either get killed or end up in a life of drugs and sex because of having parents that really don’t care and who really abuse them. Why aren’t they going and helping them kids. You know the one’s they are really needing the help. The one’s who are obviously being abused. No they don’t get help because they don’t want to go into those neighborhoods or houses. This country is so messed up.

  • everybody just needs to leave the kardashians and jenners alone.What they do is none of anybodys busness but there’s. If you dont like what tey do dont waych or read about them tha is your choice.People might not like the way you are raisingyour kids but they are not putting or commenting on the internet.Maybe if you read about what people tink of you you wouldnt be so negative about these 2 familys. if you don like them dont read or watch them this will cure your problem, as the old sayings go clean up your self ad problems before you start on somone else.

    • Leave them alone??? They don’t want to be left alone. You’re a fucking retard. Get off of the internet until you learn how to read and write in English, you stupid sack of shit.

    • Like I said nobody’s business but the families. Leave them alone and leave Kim alone about her weight who cares she’s pregnant, lay off..

  • All i know is…wish i was a kardashian! What a nice life:) its all jealously. Seriously who wouldnt want to b young, beautiful, rich with a mother that has ur back? Its all jealously:(
    LUV THE KARDASHIANS! Totally entertaining, thats why we ALL know their business. Doesnt matter how they got what they got…bottom line is…they got it! Kris K…VERY SMART BUSINESS WOMAN! Props!

      • QUICKLY!!! I can’t believe anyone with half a brain would ever want to be them. Even THEY don’t know who they really are, they’ve lived the fantasy so long. I think Bruce may be the only one who knows what reality is anymore…maybe!!!

  • people complaining about grammer errors are obviously commenting on the wrong topic. Most people dont watch and follow the kardashians for educational purposes. LMFAO!!! I dont get why grammer and spelling is even an issue. Its funny to me that people find the dumbest topic in the world log on and brag about how smart it makes them to be able to use big words and judge others on their spelling and grammer. Why don’t all the smarty pants do us all a favor take your degree’s and educational backgounds and put it to good use and help educate the ones who you criticize.

  • Somebody had it right when they said that when a really poor child is in danger and locked in a closet or living in a yard having children after being kidnapped the system is slow to do anything! This country is only for the rich! We can all pack our bags and live under a bridge right now! The secret word is gerrymander!

  • i dont really know what to make of the kardashias. i think there programe makes them look lyk this tight net family wen there not i only lyk kloe kendal and kyle. i tnk there genuine and live in the real world. i think kris is sooooo fake and dramatic she makes a big deal out of nothing and kim is the same. i think kourtney is very sly and treats scott very badly. and for bruce i feel sorry for him. he should leave kris he could do much better.

  • don’t know why bruce had himself fixed. he was nice looking. i don’t really know these people, only what i see on tv. I REALLY THINK KIM IS ALL INTO HERSELF. KLOE & THE YOUNGER ONES SEEM LIKE NICE CHILDREN. WHEN THE BOY WAS ON DANCING WITH THE STARS HE SEEMED TO GROW UP, SOME.. WITH ALL THE GOINGS ON, THINGS, TO ME, SEEM TO BE A BIG MESS.

  • Rubbish!!! Not a K fan, but Mom wanted them to continue in school, she said especially for the social opportunities, prom, etc. The oldest wasn’t doing well in school, admitted she was failing even though she was trying hard, and she wanted to be home schooled. Mom was up in arms about it until they had a representative of the home schooling project visit and explain the program. Then Mom left it up to the girls to decide.

  • Those children are abused. They belong in SCHOOL
    like other children. Their mother is already burning the candle on both ends. She is not a teacher she is a whore. And child service people believe she is teaching her daughters. What a JOKE she’s teaching them to be little whores like the rest. If you and I had our children running around we would be in JAIL and that is precisely where the mother and the father belong.

  • as long as they r all happy really its no ones business anyway if u don’t like what u see don’t watch if u don’t like what u read then don’t plain and simple haters its a family but not ours so chill the F out already geez

  • did it ever occur to anyone that it might be the “widow” that is being sued for selling the Kardashian diaries?