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Kylie Jenner Celebrating Her 18th Birthday In Canada

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is less than two weeks away from turning 18, and you know what that means! Well, it doesn’t mean anything, actually, since she’s been acting like she’s a grown ass woman for a long time, and nothing has ever come of her illegal (and gross) behaviour. However, to avoid being caught by police as she gets drunk as hell when celebrating her birthday on August 10th, she’s decided to party it up in Canada, instead, where 18 is the legal drinking age. And, never one to miss out on an opportunity to get more attention/make even more money, she’s hosting some club event while she’s there.


From TMZ:

Kylie’s throwing a rager at Beachclub Montreal. It’s Canada’s answer to Ibiza … a mini party island with a beach, pool, A-list DJs and lots of booze.

Here’s the best part … Kylie’s being paid to celebrate her own birthday, and paid well … we’re told between $100k and $200k, just for showing up.

The club’s owner, Olivier Primeau, is pulling out all the stops. Kylie will be choppered in, landing on a luxury boat that will dock next to a table stocked with bubbly. She’ll also celebrate with a $3k cake.

Sounds… fun?

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Kylie Jenner Wears Crude Shirt & Internet Goes Crazy

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner might not put her whole life on social media – what she doesn’t show is private is documented for Keeping Up with the Kardashians – but what she does put up generally falls into one of two camps: a hot ass mess or pretty offensive. A Snapchat post she put up this week has fallen into the latter camp, since it shows Kylie, still 17 just FYI, wearing a really gross t-shirt and being quite proud about it.

Yes, it says “Eat Me Out”. Yes, it’s ugly. No, Kylie doesn’t give a shit.

I’ll just leave this here for you in video form, because holy shit, is it awkward as hell. This is a little girl wearing Mommy’s makeup and trying her hardest to look “sexy” and it’s hilarious and awful. This poor child is missing so many marks. But here ya go, enjoy:

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Kylie Jenner’s Graduation Party Was Cocaine-Free, Says Khloe Kardashian

kylie jenner

As you probably recall, Kylie Jenner “graduated” high school last week and Kris Jenner made her a fake diploma and threw her a massive party at their mansion. Apparently some people have suggested that there were drugs involved in said party, but Kylie’s big sister Khloe Kardashian isn’t taking so kindly to these accusations. I mean, they weren’t doing cocaine! They were, however, giving a 17-year-old alcohol, and that’s totally cool!

I love that Khloe can’t see what’s wrong with this situation. Christ almighty.

Also, Kylie is really mad that we’re all insinuating that she didn’t actually graduate from her online high school and says that you just never saw her doing any actual work because she doesn’t put her whole life on social media… except for the fact that she pretty much does.

This family, I swear to God…

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Kylie Jenner “Graduated” From High School

kylie jenner

I think it’s pretty clear that Kylie Jenner hasn’t set foot inside an institute of learning in the past few years, likely much longer. And yet, we’re all expected to keep up the charade and pretend we believe Kim Jr.‘s announcement that she “graduated” high school this week. I mean, check out her diploma! It looks totally legit! Or, you know, like something Kris printed out from MS Paint right before the picture was taken.

Here’s the caption she put with the above photo:

“I love my mom for doing this. Thank you for making this experience as normal as possible for me. Yay???? I graduated :)

LOL, yes, you love your mom for making that fake ass diploma. Millions of dollars can’t buy you graphic design skills, I see. Also, a little research on “Laurel Springs High School” brings up the following description: WASP-accredited K–12 distance learning school in Ojai, California, United States. Laurel Springs School offers personalized resources, customizable curricula, individualized teacher services, college advising and other services to families attending public and private school who are looking for another option.

So, basically a fake school. As expected. Kongrats, girl.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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Amandla Steinberg Shuts Kylie Jenner Down On Instagram

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner appropriating black culture is not a new thing in any way, so it’s not particularly surprising. However, it is unacceptable to a lot of people, including Hunger Games actress Amandla Steinberg (who you’ll probably recognize as Jaden Smith’s prom date), who aired Kylie out on her own Instagram post. Kylie captioned the above photo “I woke up like disss”, which, girl, first of all, you most certainly didn’t. Your plastic surgeon woke you up like that over a series of procedures. Second of all, no one has said that since mid-2014, so it’s time to move on.

Anyhoo, here’s what Amandla had to say:

amandla steinberg kylie jenner

Of course, Kylie couldn’t let that go without trying to clap back in her own awkward fashion, but she might as well have not even bothered, because literally her response was so weak (and just plain ridiculous) that I’m even more embarrassed for her than I already was.


But um… when has Kylie ever? Honestly, I would love someone to show some receipts on a single occasion in which Kylie has brought attention to racism or race politics in America. Does everyone have to be a spokesperson for the cause? No, of course not, and frankly I’d prefer that people as ignorant as Kylie stay silent when they don’t know shit. But to say “mad if I do” when, well, you’ve never done is just a joke. And trying to get at Amandla because you’re mad your ex-boyfriend went to prom with her? Sit down, child.

And in case you don’t get that this is about way more than cornrows, here are some words Amandla shared on her Twitter:

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Tyga Sent Dick Pics To A Transgender Model But Says He Didn’t Cheat On Kylie

tyga kylie jenner

Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this: Kylie Jenner‘s grown ass, underage-dating boyfriend, Tyga, has been caught sending dick pics to a transgender model. There’s one small catch, of course: Tyga says that while it is indeed his dick in the pics that were texted, he didn’t send them because he would never cheat on his 17-year-old girlfriend. Of course not!

Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton, tells TMZ he believes the rapper is the victim of a conspiracy designed to “maliciously shame” him. While the photos are authentic — you can see some of his tattoos — Tyga’s lawyer believes the person he sent them to betrayed him … and used them to manufacture a fake story.

The blog that posted the pics is claiming Tyga sent them to a transgender model.

Hutton thinks that’s also offensive because … “The allegations are false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality.”

LOL, yeah, okay – because anybody cares about Tyga enough to bother with anything like this. Now, of course, Tyga’s so afraid of being cut off from that Kardashian money that he’s trying to get the FBI involved with investigating this “hacking” situation:

Tyga’s legal team tells TMZ, they notified the FBI on Wednesday morning … about the photos which recently popped up on a blog post claiming Tyga sent them during a sexting session.

His attorney Lee Hutton says they went to the feds because they believe the images were hacked – either from Tyga or someone with whom he intentionally shared the pics.

Hutton says they’ve already obtained the email that was sent to multiple media outlets, including the blog that posted the story … and they’re tracing it in hopes of getting closer to the culprit.

We’ve also spoken to a rep for Mia Isabella – the model Tyga was allegedly texting — and she says Mia had nothing to do with sending photos or text messages to the media. In fact, she’s willing to work with Tyga and the FBI to find the real suspect.

If possible, I think the world cares about this Mia Isabella even less than they do about Tyga, so sorry, I’m calling bullshit on this. Surprise, surprise – a grown man got bored with his teenaged girlfriend and cheated on her. What a shocker! This whole thing is a mess and Tyga needs to GTFO.

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Kylie Jenner Is Desperate To Be Kim Kardashian 2.0

kylie jenner

Okay, here’s what I need to know: The world is already oversaturated with Kim Kardashian and is getting pretty sick of her. Why on earth does Kylie Jenner think we need a Kim 2.0, and why the hell does a 17-year-old girl think her sister’s, erm, legacy (???) is something to aspire to? I mean, honestly!

I mean, in a way I feel bad for the girl because she clearly has no identity of her own. Kendall‘s a model, Kim is a worldwide superstar, Kourtney has a family and is still raking in the $$$, Khloe is… doing whatever it is she does, and where does that leave Kylie? Nowhere but the plastic surgeon’s office, apparently. It’s really sad, and even sadder is the fact that the girl has zero guidance or anyone telling her to aspire to more in life, to use the money she has to learn something new, to be something better than what she’s resigned herself to. I’m not saying a woman shouldn’t be able to choose to live as a sex symbol to be ogled by men if that’s what she wants, but Christ almighty, doesn’t this family want anything more in life? Do they know there’s a whole world out there of real people living real lives?

Interviews. @styledbyhrush @cwoodhair

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

team brown eyes ????

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The desperation to be her big sister is real. And gross. Not feeling it at all.

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