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Kylie Jenner denied trademark on ‘Stormi’

Man, those Kardashian’s love to trademark shit and none of them more than Kylie.

The make-up empress once trademarked “rise and shine” just because people went nuts for 48 hours over her singing the words to her daughter.

So naturally she wants to trademark her daughters name because it wont be long before the obligatory Stormi Grl fashion line is released.

But a New Orleans clothing company has lawyered up to prevent Jenner from grabbing it.

Business Moves Consulting — which trademarked “Stormi Couture” about a month after the baby was born in 2018 — has filed an opposition to Jenner’s application, claiming that it’s likely to confuse their own customers, and because they doubt that Jenner actually intends to use it anyway — or as they put it, she has “no bona fide intent to use mark in commerce for identified goods or services.”  Give her time.  I promise.