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Kris Jenner Is “Proud” That Her Daughters Are “So Sexy”

A photo of Kris Jenner

Oh, but just so you’re completely clear on what we’re talking about here, this is a story about how Kris Jenner is proud that her youngest daughters are so sexy. I mean, I’m sure she’s proud of Kim and all, but no, right now we’re talking about Kendall and Kylie. The 16-year-old and the 14-year-old. Yeah:

In typical American families, parents display photos of their teenagers – innocent yearbook shots and department store portraits – on the mantel or along the stairway wall. But there is nothing typical about the Kardashians: matriarch momanager Kris Jenner is drawing fire for allowing Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14 -her daughters with second husband Bruce Jenner – to be photographed in precociously sexy attire. Do a Google Image search and you’ll find pages of bare skin such as Kendall’s erotically-charged swimwear spreads for the Australian brand White Sands and Flavor, a Parisian magazine that has nothing to do with recipes.

Kris totally encourages it an insider says. ”She’s proud that Kendall and Kylie are so sexy.” Big sister Kim Kardashian, who, after all, first earned fame in a sex video made with ex-boyfriend Ray-J, is proud, too. “Kim sees nothing wrong with it,” the source says. ”She actually took them for their first bikini wax when Kendal was 14 and Kylie was only 12!” But everyone is on board. “Khloe and Kourtney are starting to think it’s over the top,” the insider reveals. “But Bruce Jenner is the most concerned. It makes him cringe.”

Maybe it’s all harmless. Or not. “Look at Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan or even Demi Lovato,” the insider tells OK! “They were way too sexy too young is has really wrecked them. Demi has come out of it but not without extreme therapy. No one wants to see Kendall and Kylie go through that sort of agony.

Once again, Kris Jenner is so deserving of a Mother of the Year award. But hey, grab Kim a Sister of the Year one while you’re at it. She took a 12-year-old to get a bikini wax? It’s so awkward just to read that, I can’t imagine living it. But hey, I guess when your family is famous because your sister got erotically urinated on, anything goes.

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  • This is a terrible, terrible thing to say… But you know that if those girls were in swimwear on the beach, some arsehole paparazzi would be taking pictures of their crotches, and if there was a single pubic hair to be seen, it would be all over the internet within minutes. “OMG! (Insert name here) hits puberty! Look at the HAIR!!!” You know it. At least they’re spared that.

    Still, what the hell is wrong with depilatory cream?

  • SHAME on the esthetician that DID the bikini wax!!! Have some ethics would you please???