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Can Someone Get Kris Jenner A Mother of the Year Award Already?

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From Hollywoodite:

Just when you think this cannot become any more immoral or protracted, Kris Jenner brings up the cheating scandal on Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians during which she reconnects with Todd Waterman decades after their affair.

Jenner used to bring Waterman to her marital home, frequently, during her marriage, allow this man to spend time with her children. Enough time together that the kids remember meeting and playing with him.

During Sunday’s episode, Khloe Kardashian recalls childhood memories of Waterman: ”I spent the most time with this guy, and I remember, like, activities I did with him. You had pool parties at the house, downstairs, with him. I remember them. But it’s weird that I can’t remember what he looks like… This whole situation is uncomfortable for me in general. I was around 4 and I, of course, at 4, don’t know that Todd is not supposed to be around.”

Waterman was in his early 20s when the affair began. Jenner was married and in her early 30s with four young kids (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob). They split after 18-months together during which time Waterman is adamant he didn’t father Khloe who was already toddler (nor Rob since Rob junior actually looks like Rob senior). Jenner expounds during the show: “I was really crazy about Todd, and Todd was really crazy about me. But I think that Todd was very, very young and probably way too young to settle down with one person.” Jenner explains further, the affair ended because Waterman cheated on her during the romance: “The guy cheated on me and I’ll never get over it.” The affair also ended Jenner’s first marriage, something admitted in Robert Kardashian’s divorce papers.

Ok, so I don’t have too many things in common with Kris Jenner. I’ve never been married, I don’t have any children, I’ve never been cheated on and I’ve never cheated on anyone. But this sounds crazy to me. Was Kris just like “hey, kids, this is the guy I’m sleeping with, have a blast in the pool”? Because that’s what it sounds like. And I don’t think that’s ok at all.

Oh, and “the guy cheated on me and I’ll never get over it,” seriously? For one, Kris Jenner, you’re married to a pretty decent guy, and you have been for 21 years, so I think you can let bygones be bygones when it comes to the guy you had sex with in the 80s. And for two, SERIOUSLY? The guy that you cheated on your husband with cheated on you, and you’ll never get over it? Please look into the concepts of karma and common sense as soon as possible.

Did I miss anything?

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