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Demi Lovato Takes Fez Back, Does Her Own Kind of Shame Walk

photo of fez and demi wilmer valderrama pictures
Look at that face. No, seriously—look at that face. Demi Lovato should be in more movies, because the sheer will behind acting all proud and “chin up, girl” is almost astounding. Tell me that isn’t a walk of shame face right there, too. If it weren’t for the fact that Fez is following her into her house, like a creepy, lurking creeper, then I’d say, “Wow, Demi Lovato. Way awesome ‘walk of shame’ face.”

And to think, just last week I was hoping for a Demi-and-Fez reunion. Ask and you shall receive, huh? Funny thing is, X-Factor execs must have taken control over Demi’s Twitter account, because instead of posting about All Things Love & Fez, there’s nary a word anywhere about personal matters, and that was kind of commonplace before Demi hooked up with the show. It was getting almost LeAnn Rimes-like: every week, we were treated to various quips about love and heartbreak and taking “Twitter breaks.” Guess those days are long gone, my friends, and we have Simon Cowell and company to thank for that.

Also, I guess Demi’s not all that ashamed to take Minka Kelly’s sloppy seconds off her hands—even though Fez was Demi’s man first time around to begin with.

Congratulations, girl! You win! How does it feel?

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