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So Miley’s Going to Be on Two and a Half Men Now, I Guess

photo of miley cyrus two and a half men pictures
Straight from the Huff Po:

Miley Cyrus is headed to “Two And A Half Men.”

The singer/actress has landed a two-episode arc on the CBS series as Missi, a girl Jake (Angus T. Jones) falls for when he comes back from the army.

The news was first reported earlier in August by Life of the Rich and Famous, which revealed that Cyrus would play a “hot new local in town that’s dating soon-to-be-legal Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones)” and that Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) will develop a “massive crush” on Cyrus’ character. No word from CBS if the latter part is true.

Oh man, how old am I getting that Miley Cyrus is playing the love interest to the KID on Two and a Half Men and not Ashton Kutcher? Holy crow.

Wonder what girlfriend’s BFF Charlie Sheen has to say about all of this f-ckery.

Anyone else think this is just plain old “CUHHH-RAZY“?

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  • I’m actually glad that she plays the kids love interest – before I read that part I was thinking to myself how creepy it would be for her & Ashton to play love interests (in terms of age).
    As a 23 yo I always find it weird watching movies or seeing Hollywood relationships were a guy is 35+ and dating someone my age or younger *cough Leo cough* I think thats mostly because 23 and 35 is quite a large gap, not so much in years, but in experience and maturity…

  • miley needs to get real. lets call a spade, a spade. she looks ridiculous and people just say she looks good bcuz they dont want to hurt feelings. seems like she is having an identity crisis.