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Miley Cyrus is Back on Twitter, Is One of Those A-Holes Who Still Thinks Charlie Sheen is Cool

Look what we have here! After quitting Twitter last year because of her disapproving boyfriend, Miley Cyrus has decided to get back into the 140-or-less swing of things. Instead of reclaiming her old @mileycyrus handle, she’s taken over the account that was being managed to promote her next tour. She says that the decision to do so was for two reasons: 1) She wants to connect with her fans, and 2) She can’t get enough of that absolutely hilarious Charlie Sheen.

We’ve always known that Miley was a cornball who’s attracted to low-quality individuals, but Charlie Sheen? Maybe a month ago it was fine to point and laugh at the guy, but after there’s been so much discussion about his consistent abusive behavior toward women and relationship with drugs, I’m a little surprised she’s such an open supporter. It seems as if she had any idea what the hell she was talking about, she wouldn’t be a fan of his.

Hey, Billy Ray! While you’re lecturing your daughter on her bong ripping and slutty behavior, do you think you could also mention something about how women beaters are not to be praised and encouraged? Especially by your daughter and the guy who fucked your wife? Thanks!

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  • I guess the only time that twit Miley Cyrus “might” learn some hard life lessons is when (sadly for her not “if”) something real nasty actually happens to her and there`s no-one nearby to help her ass out!

  • “One of those A-holes who still thinks Charlie Sheen is cool”? Uhm.. Charlie Sheen is the most awesome guy in the whole fucking world.. He is a guy who has got the balls to be himself completely without caring about what others might think.. That’s a GOOD thing.. He was doing drugs, who the fuck cares?.. He is still funny on 2 and a half men, so how does it make a difference?.. AND he is clean now, he has been trough extensive drug testing and it proved that he is clean.. FFS, go search youtube for the interviews with him.. You will understand just how awesome he is..

    And btw, what the fuck gives you the right to condemn him? Sure, he’s made some mistakes.. But i’m pretty sure that you have done a fuckload of mistakes in your life as well.. So just STFU.