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Celebrity TwitPic of the Day: I Don’t Even Know What Miley Cyrus is Doing With These TwitPics

photo of miley cyrus pictures photos hair see through shirt pictures
And this one, she posted with the caption:

I’m still totally loving my hair no matter what any of you haters say, and even though it’s only been a few days, I’m TOTALLY used to the fact that I no longer have six-foot-long hair any longer, and I’m completely not contemplating getting ratty extensions to cover up the mistake I’ve made even though I totally don’t think it’s a mistake and I LOVE my hair and SO DOES LIAM and I just can’t wait to see what this awesome-sauce head of hair looks like underneath a rockin’ wedding veil because don’t forget, that’s happening soon too EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN HUR DUH BUR

So, OK, one; no. Miley didn’t caption this photo on Twitter with that caption, because Twitter only allows 140 characters or whatever. Also, because I don’t believe a word I just said up there. Last, no way on all of this because I just don’t think Miley could spell ‘contemplating’, and that’s not a poke at her intellect, it’s merely truth. Miley just doesn’t strike me as a good speller, OK?

No, this is what she actually captioned the photo with:

it was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days

Um, OK. See? I told you there’s no way Miley could go ahead and spell something like ‘contemplate’, let alone really and entirely understand what it means. Or—and I’m just getting ahead of myself, here—comprehend it.


(The hair really does look good, though, despite the fact that I don’t believe she thinks so.)

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  • Who the fuck cares? Twitter is utterly narcissistic stinking shit and people who use it seriously need to know nobody but idiots give a fuck

  • I think ‘twitter’ is actually a joke on people and anyone who has it should twitter their mafuckin bowel movements on there it would be hilarious

  • Sarah, I wish you could see my tumblr dashboard. This is apparently a style, and completely acceptable in the modern world. Actually, I really like the boots.

    The hair does look nice, despite the Bieber bangs. I can’t figure out why people are still giving her so much attention. Other female celebrities (Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Michelle Williams, and Evan Rachel Wood, for example) have chopped off their hair and the media didn’t so much as bat an eyelash, but this fame hungry bitch keeps getting headline after headline. Thanks for giving her exactly what she wants, I guess.

    As for wedding aisle hairstyles: don’t worry, she won’t get that far.

    • I like the boots a lot, too. The pants? Not so much, though they’re not as bad as anything Courtney Stodden wears, ha.

  • If everyone that could type spent time criticizing my haircut, I’d have doubts about it, too. All people have done is make fun of her for it. It’s sickening.

    As for the amount of pics she’s taking, she’s doing the same thing every other 19 yr old is doing. Is it necessary to call her a bitch?