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Miley’s Addicted to Hair-TwitPics Now

photo of miley cyrus hair twit pictures photos
… But she might not be so addicted to her hair itself.

You guys know how Miley‘s been all, “OMG I JUST LOVE MY HAIR” since she chopped it off, and for good reason—I personally think it looks great. However, I also personally think that Miley’s protesting a little too much these days, because all of her Tweets have been along the lines of how much she loves her hair and how, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should say nothing at all. It’s been like this for days, no joke.

Here’s a few of her TwitPics as of recent, and if she keeps it up, she’s going to be racking up as many self-portraits on Twitter as Kim Kardashian has, and that’s nothing to brag about:

But do you want to see a picture I *hate*? One that I hate? This one:

photo of miley cyrus pictures red lips short hair pics
What an awful, awful picture. Those red lips … it’s like she’s taking a page clean out of Christina Aguilera’s dirty and stained little book. Ugh.

I’d even rather her sans-makeup altogether, and that’s saying a lot:

photo of miley cyrus no makeup pictures
Here’s a few more in the gallery that aren’t so bad. They, at the very least, don’t showcase Miley’s pout in

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