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Blind Item: Tom Cruise Gets Around

A photo of Tom Cruise

Yeah, I know, blind items are supposed to be blind. But some of them are just so incredibly obvious that I think it’s ok to just skip right past the initial guessing games and get straight to business. And the business this time involves Tom Cruise and his wandering penis. Are you ready?

From Blind Gossip:

When the person who appears to have the power in a relationship backs down quickly in a dispute, you know that there have to be some compelling reasons why. Although all the talk up to this point has been about his involvement with a powerful group, there were actually three other reasons he settled so quickly.

Here are the three reasons: 1. His very personal relationship with a professional athlete. 2. His very personal relationship with a musician. 3. His very personal relationship with a famous actor.

She was ready and willing to expose all three relationships to get what she wanted. The scandal of having these three famous people deposed by attorneys about their sexual relationships would have destroyed all four men. So, he gave her the thing she wanted most so that his biggest secret could remain a secret.

See what I mean? That really can’t be anyone else besides Tom and Katie, right? So who are the other people.

It seems like the professional athlete is almost definitely David Beckham. Rumors about the two of them have been going around for a while, and, well, I think that one is sort of set in stone. But the singer I’m not so sure about.

There are rumors from all the way back in 2005 that Tom and Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox 20, were caught in bed together by Rob’s wife. The story is that that’s why his relationship with Katie moved so fast, because Tom’s people had to hire him a girlfriend to take attention off of any possible rumors about Tom’s sexuality. The singer could also be Will Smith though, even though I’d consider him more of an actor these days.

So Will could be the actor, too. Or the actor could be John Travolta, even though that doesn’t seem right to me. But the most popular guess for the actor is Jeremy Renner, which makes me sad, because I was starting to really like him. There are definitely some rumors about Tom and Jeremy from the set of latest Mission Impossible, so I guess it would make sense.

Any other guesses?

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  • The picture that you chose just KILLED me. Oh my goodness. Such perfection.

    I completely agree that it refers to Tom and Katie (whenever anyone calls them TomKat, I really want a KitKat bar, which I haven’t had since high school, probably, which is the saddest realization that I’ve had in at least a week). I LOVE when wives use knowledge to get whatever they want out of their husbands. Because blackmail can be beautiful, too.

    I have no idea whom Tom’s relationships might be. I don’t think John Travolta, because my understanding is that John Travolta’s sexual exploits tend to focus upon bath houses, masseurs, and possibly certain racial minorities. But who knows. Not all gay friends sleep with each other, but I *still* wouldn’t want any of my gay friends deposed about . . . well, anything related to me. Because yikes. I’m sure that that’s magnified when you are (inexplicably) closeted and famous.

  • Will & Jada were supposedly their closest celeb friends next to Posh & David Beckham. Also, didn’t Will & Jada say they were swingers once? I be the actor is Will.

    I’d be sad if it’s Jeremy Renner. :(

    • Will and Jada had an _open_ marriage.

      That could be construed as a type of swinging, but more likely they just agreed they could enjoy different people.

      Some open couples take same-sex partners and some don’t.

    • Remember RENNER’s incident in Thailand? It was because he went to a lady boy/transgender…

      • It would be stellar if, by any chance, we could avoid terms like: “lady boy.” At least until such a time that some musician or rapper elects to use such a name.

  • I don’t think it’s Rob Thomas. He later wrote about the incident, saying that he was hetro, and if he were gay, (and he’s a big supporter of gay rights) he would pick Brad Pitt instead of Tom Cruise. He also said he was more offended that the rumor included allegations describing him as a Scientologist. Besides, have you SEEN Marisol?