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Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s New Hair

A photo of Katy Perry

It’s purple! And thank goodness. She’d been doing the blue hair, her rebound look after that whole divorce thing, since the beginning of the year, and I just wasn’t into it at all. I don’t think it was horrible or anything, but it wasn’t the best look she’s ever had.

This purple though? I really, really like it. A lot. Probably because purple is my very favorite color, but also because it’s the darkest her hair has been in a while, and my favorite Katy Perry is a dark-haired Katy Perry. Remember when she had black hair? That was just the best.

She debuted the purple hair at Coachella, which, as described by E!, is a “music festival in the California dessert.” After you’re done giggling at that, you can read the rundown they gave of Katy’s time at that sweet (LOL!) festival:

Katy Perry made her annual trip to the festival and hit the Hennessy and Details @ Midnight bash late last night. So which one of her favorite guys was by her side?

Perry’s BFF Markus Molinari was with her, as were about a dozen of her pals. The group arrived to the private estate around 2 a.m. after enjoying music at the festival.

Perry and her gang chilled in a private backstage lounge area inside the house. They were very calm throughout the night while chatting and sipping vodka and tequila cocktails. “She was in a great mood,” a source said of the 27-year-old beauty, who hit the road about an hour after arriving.

Yeah, yeah, but hey, do you want to see more of Katy’s outfit?

A photo of Katy Perry

Yep. Nothing but class for this girl.

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  • So I know that many people think that BFA’s are the degree’s one gets when one can no longer be “undecided” in college, but the truth is, to earn a BFA is a tough, frustrating, drunk and self-loathing road. Having earned one though, I can flex my muscle now and tell you that Katy Perry’s hair is not “purple”, it is Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) with highlights of black (which give it that purple hue in some lighting. Phthalo Blue is much more suitable to her cool complexion than purple (too warm) would be. Color theory bitches!