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Katy Perry’s Really Not Shy

photo of katy perry twitter pictures boyfriend model pic
So, am I the only one who thinks, despite a superhuman rack, that Katy Perry is probably just a novelty piece for this Baptiste Giabiconi? Because even though I don’t generally dig the so-pretty, metrosexual look on a guy, this is one fine-looking man. If you can get past the stupid hair and the dumb pulling of model faces, Giabiconi is one sweet example of the male species. Katy, on the other hand? Really kind of average. Aside from the fact that she’s got boobs for days, like I said, her face and the rest of her body are predictably normal. If I saw her walking down the street wearing something shapeless, I probably wouldn’t even give her a second glance. Unless she was rocking the blue hair, of course. Then I’d look at her and say, “Wow, what a cheap-looking wig. Somebody should do something about that.” But not Baptiste – he’s completely smitten. He was the one who posted this photo on Twitter, with this caption:

hey my #littlekats u look So amazing in this pics !

Gotta love those who speak broken English. It’s really kind of endearing. When I was in high school I dated a foreign exchange student named Marcel. He was from Germany and he was really, really hot. He could barely laugh in English, but what necessity do words fill anyway when you have a 6’2″ hunk of international hotness riding in the passenger seat of your car, smiling at your every word? And that’s my very point, guys. That’s probably how Giabiconi sees Katy. She’s a hot piece of international ass who’s willing to hang on his every word. And hey, why not? Pretty people need companions, too, don’t they?

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  • Every time I see a guy wearing one of those nasty woolen caps to cover their greasy bed-head, I immediately think less of anyone associated with that person. Reminds me too much of the urban hipsters in Brooklyn.

  • This man is so gorgeous, but rumor has it that he is gay. Plus Katy Perry is (sorry) ugly without makeup and even with makeup she’s mehhhhh, so this one is really hard to swallow.

    Her publicist should have contracted someone more believable to play a love interest.

  • I can’t stand when guys give that “squinty eye I’m so sexy look” ick it just doesn’t do anything for me!

  • Hi!
    Sorry ladies !!! this guy is DUMB, I haven’t seen someone that stupid, when he is on TV the only thing you want to do is turn it off.
    He is supposed to be a singer as well, just for fun look on youtube!!! HILARIOUS!!!

  • Baptiste is amazing but he is definitely gay and using katy for fame. He’s been Karl Lagerfeld’s boy toy for years. It’s not like he needs the money either.

  • Just saying that as a french person as well , I don’t like what he represents. Success while he is stupid!
    You should really check some of his videos on the net, Pathetic ! :)
    Jealous?? no way, he is Karl ‘s boy toy :)