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Who Wants to See A Close-Up of Angelina Jolie’s Ring?

A photo of Angelina Jolie

You guys! Remember what happened on Friday? We found out that Brad Pitt proposed to Angelina Jolie! Wasn’t that darling? I love a love story with all my heart, and this one definitely fit the bill. But let’s be real: it’s fun to look at super fancy engagement rings, right?

So here’s another shot of Angelina’s:

A photo of Angelina Jolie

What do you guys think? Because to be honest, I really, really don’t like it. Like, at all. To be fair though, I’m not really a diamond girl: my ring is a sapphire, and the only diamonds I own are a pair of earrings that my dad got for my mom when they got married. I know it’s not the most popular opinion, but I couldn’t imagine going for a diamond when there are so many gorgeous colors of gemstones to choose from! And also, I think the bigger the diamond is, the worse it looks. I’m not exactly sure how to say this, but it’s like the bigger and higher quality diamonds tend to look less like something pretty and sparkly and more like glass. Do you know what I mean?

Take Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring or Jessica Biel’s engagement ring, and then throw them in a river. No, I’m kidding, sell them and put your children through college. Just don’t wear them, because they look ridiculous. I like costume jewelry and everything, but I’m not going to wear it every day for the rest of my life, and I’m certainly not going to pay millions of dollars for it.

But then again, Brad collaborated with the jeweler for a whole year to craft the perfect ring for Angelina, so that’s very sweet.

What do you guys think? Do I just have a problem appreciating the beauty of diamonds? Do you love the ring? Can you even wait for the wedding? Let me know!

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  • I agree. Hate it. Plus she should not wear anything that will attract attention to those claws.

  • I’m a sapphire gal as well. My mom is obsessed with diamonds but I think they’re so boring. However, it is sweet that Pitt worked for a year to make the perfect ring. It probably took him that long to find enough diamonds that weren’t blood diamonds.

  • THAT took Brad AND a jewelry designer SO LONG to design?! REALLY??? Looks bland and boring… just like Brad and Angelina are. It’s awful. If that is any indication of the ‘wedding’ (ha) – that is going to be a snoozefest too (if it ever happens).

    • Well, I’m not for the brad and ang are BORING part. I mean, I’m not “OMFG! BRAD AND ANG ARE DA BEST!” or anyting but I don’t hate them. I definitely don’t hate them as much as that ring which is just … not stunning. Not at all, not nearly what I would expect a beautiful ring to look like. I mean, when it comes to an engagement ring, it really is more about what it looks like and what it means compared to the financial value of the ring itself. Obviously, if Brad spent a year getting it right, that’s nice, but man … he wasted his time cause he could of went to Jared/Zales/Insert your jewerly store name here, got a $2000 ring and it would have looked SO much better.

  • Engagement rings are tricky…unless you get a solitaire on a platinum band and setting, most people will disagree about whether or not it’s gorgeous. It’s a really personal thing. While the large emerald cut isn’t really my thing, this ring is totally Angelina.

  • the whole thing kinda makes my stomach turn. i mean, i support them being married “for the kids” but what makes this marriage different than the last one that they both so clearly couldnt give a fuck about? truly, whats the point.

  • i like color stone too, but i think people get diamonds because they are the hardest stone on earth and that implies eternity and unbreakable relationship. So it’s not about blue is prettier than clear color when it comes to engagement ring. People are superstitious.