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Jennifer Lawrence Knows People Say She’s Fat, But She’s Like “Whatever”

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence

Yeah, we’re going to talk about that chunky broad, Jennifer Lawrence, again. Wide load coming through! I hope none of us have to rip out our eyeballs for seeing a woman who weighs over 95 pounds, but if you do have to, just give them to Jennifer Lawrence, she’ll probably eat them.

But seriously, this is still a thing. Over at Celebitchy, you can learn that some think that Jennifer Lawrence is “beefy.” People are calling her “Fatniss Everdeen.” I’m not making all this up. This is the same nonsense as that time that Karl Lagerfeld called Adele “a little too fat” in that yes, she doesn’t have the typically super thin frame that the entertainment industry prefers, but she’s amazing at what she does and that should be the most important thing. Just because she has a vagina doesn’t mean that she owes it to you to fit your standards of beauty.

Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence knows that:

‘The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has both a great sense of humor — and a very good sense of self.

A source close to the actress told me Sunday that the Oscar nominee had a sarcastic reaction to some of the critics of her mega-hit movie who basically claimed she was too chubby-looking to convincingly play Katniss Everdeen in the blockbuster, based on Suzanne Collins’best-selling novel.

“Jennifer told me, ‘This is hilarious. First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal,’ ” the source recalled. The actress reportedly added that overly thin body images “are too often adopted by young girls and women — thanks to what they are constantly being shown as being attractive.”

Another point supposedly made by Lawrence was that nothing was written about her two main co-stars — Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth — who both also play residents of the film’s fictional District 12, where people are constantly facing starving conditions.

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t look like she was starving because her character wasn’t starving. Her character did lose weight during the games in the book, but her character also did a lot of other things in the book. The movie didn’t show Katniss gain weight during her time in the Capitol, and it didn’t show her nearly die from dehydration. The games seemed to be much shorter in the movie, so I think it makes sense that she didn’t really lose weight there. Jennifer has also said that she didn’t diet during filming because “Kate Moss running at you with a bow and arrow isn’t scary,” which is a fair point. Also she did an amazing job.

And really, how are people going on about Jennifer Lawrence and her fat ass but failing to even mention Liam Hemsworth and his muscles? He certainly doesn’t look like he’s starving. Oh, wait, he has a penis, intensely scrutinizing people with penises isn’t nearly as popular a pastime.

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  • as much as i have been an opponent of weight bashing in the past, you have to admit that there’s a big difference between calling adele “fat” (who is quite clearly well overweight, sorry, but it’s true–still doesn’t make it “ok”), and calling lawrence “fat.” again, not saying it’s ok either way, as women have enough crap to deal with when it comes to their appearance and the world’s expectations of them. still though…two very, VERY different situations (especially when it comes to young girls–if THIS woman is being called “chunky,” then what are most normal young women?).

  • Ok, hold on here. I’ve been on the “she’s not FAT!” bandwagon too but the complaint you’re making about noone complaining about Liam’s appearance is a bit off too. I mean, look at the screen time differences for both actors. If it was important that ANYONE, and I’m not saying it is important but if it was, was “emaciated” and “starving”, wouldn’t it be the person that the camera is focused on 90% of the time and not Liam H(Don’t know how to spell his last name…it’s like helmsworth or something) who’s total screen time is maybe 5 minutes (definitely less than 10). Now like I’ve said before, Jlaw is gorgeous, she played the role really well and who cares if she doesn’t have veins popping out of her biceps but your argument I think is off-base and to be honest, playing the sexism angle doesn’t help here and only creates more of a sexist environment. If it was all about vagina’s vs penis’s, why wasn’t she naked when the prep team was cleaning her up for Cinna or even when he inspected her? If it was all about T&A, why didn’t they show more of the “fat” girls tit’s because while we’re being honest, she’s got a nice rack and I’m sure more men would have paid to see the movie a 2nd time if there was nudity. So, she’s not fat, she’s beautiful (actually beautiful, not a “well, she’s talented so she’s beautiful on the inside” kind of beautiful but like “holy shit, my jaw drops when I see her” kind of beautiful but your attempt to pull sexism into this is a bit insulting.

    • How did that go from coherent argument to weirdly focused on boobs when no one was talking about them?

      • I was attempting to point out that if there was sexism involved at any level, more of an effort would have been made to sex up JLaw’s character.

  • She’s so pretty I don’t understand how ppl can say she’s fat. So I guess I am like obese in Hollywood lol. She’s so pretty and such a great actress and she doesn’t seem bitchy like other celebrities.