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Adele still makes £80,000 a day despite her last album being 4 years old


Adele is RICH. Like really, really rich, thanks to the success of her last album, 21. Which, by the way, is four years old at this point (can you believe it?!). However, despite the fact that she hasn’t toured or done much of of anything at all in the past couple of years, professionally speaking, she still makes a whopping £80,000 PER DAY. That’s the equivalent of about $128k, by the way.

From HeatWorld:

The record earned her £54million the 22 months up until December 2013 through her companies Melted Stone and Melted Stone Publishing.

Melted Stone made £30million over 14 months up until April 2013 with another £8million throughout the rest of the year and Adele paid herself a dividend of £5.2million in the second half of 2013 with a salary of £5.6million in the first half and £2.86million in the latest accounting period.

Her company Melted Stone Publishing made £14.4million and between them the two firms made £13.1 million profit which is a nice little sum for Adele to keep under her bed.

That’s… insane. And I need Adele to cut me a check real quick. No wonder she’s not in a hurry to release her next album!


Adele Is Being Honored by the Queen


That’s right, Adele‘s getting an MBE – a Member of the British Empire – from Queen Elizabeth. That’s a pretty high honor, though she won’t quite be able to call herself Dame Adele – that’s reserved for DBEs and GBEs. Still, it’s pretty great, and speaks to just how much Adele achieved before she seemingly dropped off the face of the earth to have babies and be a housewife (no shade there – totally down with that).

PJ Harvey is also getting an MBE, which is pretty excellent. I used to love me some PJ Harvey back in my university days. In case these royal goings on are up your street, maybe it’ll interest you to know that Andy Murray got an OBE from Prince William, and Aled Jones from Daybreak (a UK morning show) also got an MBE.

The awards will be given out at Buckingham Palace on Thursday. Now, how about Adele’s new album?

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Adele Told Kelly Clarkson Not To Rush Pregnancy

adele kelly clarkson

Let’s call a spade a spade here and get real: Kelly Clarkson was pregnant when she got married and she knew it. In fact, I’d venture a guess that it’s the reason this wedding got pushed forward so quickly when not too long ago, she was “too busy” to think about her wedding. Still, I’m a modern lady, so that’s neither here nor there – I just wish people didn’t feel the need to hide this or prescribe to the idea that they need to get a shotgun wedding for it to be honourable – it was her fiancé, after all, and even if it wasn’t, so what?

In any case, Kelly has been rambling about how she wants a baby so badly and in time for Christmas and she’s got her wish now, but she did receive some advice a while back from fellow mom Adele, who told her to chill the fuck out and not be too obsessed with getting a baby in her.

From US Weekly:

“I ran into her at the Grammys last year, and I was like, ‘So, when is your next album coming out?’” Clarkson, 31, told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “She knows now I’m a superfan. She’s so sweet. She’s my big favorite to work with just because I’m a huge fan. She told me she was a big fan, too, and gave me some advice.”

So, what specific words of wisdom did the Grammy-winning Brit share with the pop star? “She said, ‘Girl, don’t have a baby ’cause everything else will go on the back burner. I’m so happy living in babyland,’” Clarkson recalled.

Yes, yes, babies are wonderful and life-changing and nothing else matters in life besides having them, we get it. It’s all vaguely annoying, but then again, you can’t fault people like Adele and Kelly who are legit stoked about bringing kids into the world and giving them lots of love (and money), I suppose.

Adele Did a Collaboration… with Wiz Khalifa?

adele and wiz khalifa

If there are two names you don’t expect to see in the same sentence, they would be Wiz Khalifa and Adele. But here we are, putting those names together, because apparently they’ve collaborated for Wiz’s new album. This all apparently started because Adele complimented Wiz’s wife, Amber Rose, at this year’s Grammys. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but let’s just go with it.

Here’s what he told something called SKEE LIVE:

“She ran up on Amber. She was like ‘Amber! Amber!’ and told her how beautiful she looked.”

“Her people contacted some of my people when they found out we were working on the album and sent some ideas through, so we were able to knock some things out.”

Well, this should be interesting. I keep thinking of that Childish Gambino remix of ‘Rolling in the Deep’, which is making me think this might end up being really good, actually! I wish Adele would get work done on her OWN album, though. We’ve been waiting for that shit!

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Adele Got Bulletproof Windows In Her House


Sure, why not? Adele apparently installed bulletproof glass in her £5 million London home in order to “protect her family“, apparently. This, according to The Daily Mail, that bastion of fine journalism that can always be counted on for the truest and most important news stories out there.

Even though the house is in a pretty richy rich neighbourhood where other high rollers live, as well, no doubt, Adele thinks they all – herself, boyfriend Simon Konecki and son Angelo – need extra security, hence the bulletproof windows. Find me a person who wants to shoot Adele, though. Well, actually, don’t – people are fucking crazy.

”She moved in a couple of months ago.

“She has renovated the whole place and has even installed bulletproof windows. The property has four bedrooms.”

Those quotes were from an “insider”. LOL, what an exclusive. Anyone who looked up the property online could find that out! Whatever, I just want a new Adele album now, please.

Adele Won’t Go On The Red Carpet Without Spanx

adele oscars

Adele is often seen in black dresses, usually with an armful of awards. Even if she’s at an Arby’s I’m sure she’d somehow win 6 awards. Her stylist gave up a bunch of Adele’s style and beauty secrets, including the need for Spanx. From Sunday Mirror via Daily Mail:

She always wears Spanx on the red carpet. Good ­underwear is really important, it smoothes you out.

Adele always wants to wear black because she loves Johnny Cash and he wore black. She also loves June Carter Cash because she and Johnny were so much in love and they had this wonderful marriage.

Sometimes she’ll look at herself in the mirror and say, “Oh I look like her!”

Uh…I don’t really see it?

june carter cash

Well maybe with the hair? Definitely the hair and makeup.

Anyway, just because Adele wears Spanx does not mean that she feels any pressure to be skinny.

Adele is really OK with how she looks. I don’t think she ever lacked confidence. She doesn’t have that insecurity that a lot of other people I dress have.

Okay, cool. Enjoy these photos of Adele dressed as an Italian widow.

Adele’s Getting Her Own Waxwork At Madame Tussauds


Oh, snap! You know you’ve arrived when Madame Tussauds wants to do a waxwork of you. That’s exactly what’s happened to Adele, who’s currently getting the sculpting treatment two times over – one for the London museum, and one for the Dutch outpost. Both will be available in July, according to The Daily Express.

She’ll join stars like Madonna and Kylie Minogue, both of whom have their own waxworks that I would never stand next to for fear of looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter in comparison. They’re pretty short ladies, if you didn’t know.

I guess this is meant to hold us over until her new album is finished next year.