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Adele Impersonates An Adele Impersonator & The Results Are Hilarious

adele jenny

Adele’s new album, 25, came out yesterday, and in celebration, the BBC aired a one hour special, aptly titled Adele at the BBC, that featured the singer performing some old hits as well as some new tracks, sitting down with Graham Norton for an interview, and hilariously taking part in a prank in which she played an Adele impersonator called “Jenny”.

Adele got a fake nose and chin so she could fit in with other Adele impersonators who believed they were taking part in a reality series about… well, Adele impersonators. She totally fit in as “Jenny”, pretending to be super nervous and even missing her cue when it was finally her turn to perform. Of course, it only took her a few notes of singing for the others to realize that all was not as it seemed.

Watch and enjoy, because it’s pretty great:

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